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So you can enter to get free ships I'll be picking one person each month to send a random coal true crime themed gift to and if you leave us a five star review you get an extra entry and not going to lie even feels. Grody even doing it for this episode. But i had to So let me get right to guys like. I said the. I had an entirely different show planned for today but unfortunately about an hour and a half ago around three thirty. Pm central standard time news came out about a body that had been found during the search for gabby petito soon thereafter. Maybe ten or fifteen minutes later. The fbi b. i. Scheduled a press conference for four. Pm mountain time at that press conference and agent came forward and he was very sniffly. He was crying at times and he could honestly barely hold himself together. He came out and advised that remains had been found in the vicinity near spread creek. And the your teton national forest there remains are in fact consistent with descriptions of gabby petito identification is pending since then. Fbi has in fact published a news release and it says quote update on gabrielle. Petito investigation remains recovered. The fbi denver field office in its wyoming resident agencies in coordination with the national park service. Us forest service. Teton county sheriff's office and jackson. Police department have been conducting investigative activity in the vicinity of spread. Creek dispersed camping area in the bridger teton national forest today. The search revealed human remains consistent with the description of gabrielle. Gabby petito full forensic identification has not been completed and we do not yet know the cause of death. We appreciate your patience as we work through. This process. The fbi and our partners. Extend our heartfelt condolences to gobs family and loved ones. This is an incredibly difficult time for them..

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