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And it just it wasn't one of those movies where it had had legs. You know, there's there's some movies get a lot of climate. And then people continue to watch him and love him. I don't feel like avatar became that. I suppose not and yet Cameron somehow has a contract to do multiple sequels and he's working on them. So hard. How? Oh hard apparently that he couldn't do this other project that he really wanted to do. Yeah. Yeah. So he finally after ten years handed it off to Robert Rodriguez, and it was an amazing director. Yeah. Known though for his kind of crazy, violent low budget movie. I think he did once upon a time in Mexico. Yeah. The desperado series. But he also did spy kids, which was great for kids was great. And so I I went to this movie mostly to to see the technology. I mean, I didn't know whether the story would be good or bad, and I have to say, it's pretty bad. I have to agree with with most of the critics there on that. Well, it was good is the adventures of shark boy and lava girl, his other film or planet terror come on. It's got to be as good as machete or should I say much day? Yeah. Okay. But but I went mostly to see the technology, which was quite remarkable. What even algae like how the movie was made how? Yeah. Exactly, the main character alita played by Rosa Salazar is actually entirely CGI. Wait a minute played by its she's a she's a cartoon. Yes. She is. But to make the movie she had to be in the scene as a real person wearing a MO cap suit, one of those strange green suits with the with the puff with the little puff on them. Exact tons of dots on her face because and to cameras can you imagine acting with an people have done this before Andy circus did it in a planet of the movies. And so on Anna's gallon in Lord of the rings. A little hint kids listened in Hollywood who wanna get in the movies. Learn how to act with two cameras dots on your face. Exactly. The future Davey. It's amazing. Ashley, and this is the. I imagine acting and you've got this camera rig kind of stuck on your head and pointing back at you from a couple inches away. And it must be very weird. But they did a great job..

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