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His nagas size going from here ashim day later in nagasaki his going to nagasaki the next day i don't i don't like myths does he find his family he gets to them he finds them at home spends the day swimming in an of consciousness and the next day august ninety gets up gets the mitsubishi headquarters he's bandaged up not looking very good and he starts telling his boss and his fellow engineers about this enormous bomb that had exploded and devastated the city and after a minute or so his boss cuts him off and he says that this is complete baloney you're an engineer calculated how could one bomb destroy an entire city and as soon as he finished saying that the yamaguchi felt the same flash that he felt in hiroshima followed by that same more for a second time yamaguchi's thought while this was happening was oh my god he thought the mushroom cloud had followed him from hiroshima in a sense i guess he was right it had sort of followed him there and again in that flash gamma rays flood his body they would have created free radicals again and it would have the tact his dna a second time a second time he pulled himself up staggers out of the building didn't collapse this time any clams of a hill nearby and he starts looking over ag nagasaki which is burning just like your rocha was three days before and the sky is black with clouds again and he could see wear his neighborhood was and it looked like his neighborhood was completely burnt out to he does eventually find his family they made into an airraid shelter and they do try to restart their lives but within short time his health starts sinking pretty quickly uh his hair fell out he had boils erupting on his body he kept throwing up his face swelled he lost hearing in one ear his arm he reported looked like wale meat this sort of bright red raw meat because he'd had sort of this black and crossed over at delman the second bomb came in incinerated that and fell off deal the really scary thing for scientists at the time who know had begun to study the effect radiation on the body was that it seemed like all that physical trauma that was just.

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