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That's an inside joke at no get. So sorry. But but no, it just was just a fun week. So I agree with you Craig just the film room. Probably takes the cake. Yeah. I mean, I guess I'm a slightly different point of view. But still saying it's watching film with everybody. But I really like getting to go into the actual film that the recent senior bowl sets up for everybody just getting to sit down at the table. You get a little clicker. You get rewind stuff talk about it a little bit while you're going through it. And like we said earlier we watch six hours of tape one day two different sessions. And I don't think that we had any idea. Either time we were in there for three hours H just great to kick us out. They had to come by tell everybody time to go. And when you're in to two tables down there scouts for teams watching the exact same film. We are they're talking to other people they joined with about and you get a pick up little stuff that you wouldn't think about, but even more that to watch the other people just have this conversation about it. It's a lot of fun. Like, I would have a blast by myself when I do at home all the time, but it's so much better to sit out the group of people watching film talk about it. I didn't even I guess one other thing to we kind of luted to it earlier little jokes like the thunder, Joe and Andy's ability and patching or by personal favorites. Right. Quilt arm stud running back at a temple any running. Back religious gets under can't skin. They. He was a fan of any of them. So like Dexter Williams for like eight touchdowns this weekend was fantastic. Single one to be insulin. Every time because you can't track running backs drag anybody to ground behind the lens. Expeditious all scores. All these touchdowns. Finally this third day of practice Germain Pratt Shays down sixty ords downfield five yards out of bounds. Throws him to the ground. Just because he runs them and it wasn't malicious. But he chased down funny for the team practice today. Just came out the top in speeds for everybody Pratt had the highest speed of the day. And I guarantee you it was chasing down Dexter Williams. Trying to finish off a run this little inside jokes like that. It just made this week so much more fun and pass lot of time. So that was just for me Phil watching inside jokes with these other fellow dirt over here. It was the filming for me. Obviously, the usually my thing. But the only thing I really enjoyed about this. Who's going out and keen to interview prospects for a couple minutes seeing some of these guys in this setting getting an ideal? What kind make of the they have some guys came off extremely poorly. Some guys say their names that would you know, that would be that it'd be, but I I really enjoy getting to know rock sydell Amani or warrior Valentine, look than I thought, you know, just Lucy guy like him comes through here. Here. But overall, I that was a really cool experience. Getting the talks these guys face-to-face, we've got some soundbites. I'm sure we're to use over time. And that'll that'll be pretty that's gonna do it for the final senior bowl edition Arrowhead pride laboratory draft season is upon us. Folks, we are going by. Really, really? Let me down. Listening time. Hey, I'm the dash. And I'm the host of a new show called function from the vox media podcast network glitch this season. We're talking with experts about wire voting machines are so bad and how that might hurt our elections. We'll also talk with an animator to find out how popular dances from the real world end up in video games. And we're going to tackle the biggest question attack. Why do so many celebrities use screen shots from that apple notes apt to make their public apologies when they screw up? You can find new episodes of function every Monday on apple podcasts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts and thanks to Microsoft, Azure, for sponsoring function.

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