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Hi. My name is Benjamin, I'm sixty. I'm from Colorado, so me and my friends, we were talking here, when we wanted to ask you about the healthcare are you're talking about, like your government proposed healthcare. And we worked for a guy who running for governor in Colorado and his idea was that the government should not be involved in healthcare. There should not be big businesses in healthcare. He said that his idea was there was like clinics that he went to and he visited in Virginia and they were completely run by nurse practitioners, and he said, if he was elected governor, that would be his plan for Colorado to completely get the government and the big businesses out of healthcare. The problem is in one thousand nine hundred six we passed a law that said, if someone goes into a hospital, they got to be taken care of President Reagan passed that when somebody is sick and ill, we end up paying for them somehow, someway, the question, and if, if they don't have a job, they're going to be on Medicaid at their older, or sick and certain circumstances will be on Medicare everybody else in the middle. Just because you're not paying. For them directly doesn't mean you're not paying for them. And when people are sick or hurt or dying. We all pay for them one way out there in productivity or otherwise. So we have to come up with the solution, and I, personally, I think, healthcare is a right. And it's just a question of what's the best way to deal with it? We could have a long conversation about that. But we'll move on. So when I enjoying this conversation, it's L to actually converse. Not agree all the time. It sounds like you're talking about, actually implementing the technology that we currently have in having regulation implemented right now. I'm thinking you may more intending to invest into actual invention of new technology. That's more useful because Kurt technology as it stands is not usable in its current stance for being efficient. I'm not I'm sorry. So your I'm asking. Are you more interested in actually investing in to the invention or the implementation of current technology? Well, I mean, invention current technology, whatever I'm looking for opportunities. I'm always opportunistic. And so when I invest in AI, I'm looking for new ways to change the world. I'm looking for new ways to change industries. I'm always try to look for ways to disrupt so that's how I how I invest. Okay. We got. Hi, I'm Matthew and I'm fourteen from Washington DC, and since you seem very invested in future technologies based on current events. Do you think Yuan? Must is qualified to take people to space and two different planets with SpaceX. We'll find out. I don't know. Hi, mark. I'm maggie..

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