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KRLD weather center. We got a lot of rain out there. Now, it is going to continue for a few more hours slight chance of brief break tonight. Low middle seventies, much, showers and thunderstorms are likely both tomorrow and again on Saturday high on Friday, eighty seven eighty four on Saturday. Now, it's seventy six news, traffic, and weather, all news all day NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. Your news now. Good afternoon at four thirty one and tastes Stevens. An innocent woman is killed in a crash at the end of a police chase in Fort Worth. Sergeant Chris Britz says an officer tried pulling over a burglary suspect had a pickup for running a red light at the intersection of terminal and blue mountain roads. But he drove off and sped southbound on main street crashing into several vehicles at exchange avenue. Looks like they were seven vehicles total involved officers found out later that. In is a stolen vehicle five others, including the man and two women inside the pickup were taken to hospitals with nonlife threatening injuries. Sergeant Brits says it's unclear how far behind the pursuing officer was but a witness says it was quite a distance. I like a quarter mile between them. Like ours. The that says some of the vehicles involved were hit by the stolen items that flew out of the bed of the truck on impact thirty years after Highland Park. Doctor was murdered. There is finally an indictment. Carol, these LP Phillips tells how circumstances and technology chain misty seven-year-old George gua- was now under indictment for capital murder in the June nineteen eight rape. And now death of Dr Catherine biscotti was going. He was strangled in her Highland Park. Home in nineteen Eighty-eight suffering, irreversible brain damage, she remained in a vegetative state for nearly thirty years before she died of complications in February. There was DNA from a rape kit. But KRLD legal analyst attorney Ed Klein says there wasn't anything like DNA testing in the eighties. There is now technological advances are made in the processing of evidence. The law keeps up with that by being able to admit that evidence in courtroom setting. When biscotti Di the DNA kit was pulled off the shelf and run through. Database and police say led to Guo LP Phillips News Radio. Ten. Eighty KRLD villa candidates. Vying to be the next Texas speaker now up to seven state Republican party has taken steps to ensure that Joe Straus replacement is more conservative. We're certainly going to get someone who's more conservative than Joe Straus because you'd have to get democrat to get someone who's less conservative university political scientist, Mark Jones echoing the Shannon witch of the house freedom caucus and the state Republican party want their members to all agree on one conservative candidate Jones believes the more. Moderate members may splinter off to appeal. The Democrats cloudy is far too. Moderate and doesn't have much experience in Zerwas is far too tainted by his support for ObamaCare. That leaves drew Darby and Walter four price leaving Ken Parker, and Phil king is the more conservative options in Austin, Chris FOX, News Radio ten eighty KRLD Rourke supporters receive text messages that the campaign says were unauthorized according to the award campaign, and unidentified volunteer for the Texas democrat. Who is running for the Senate seat held by Ted Cruz gained access to the campaigns mass texting system yesterday and sent messages to a Rourke supporters. The first message read, quote, we are inserted volunteers to help transport undocumented immigrants to polling booths. So they'll be able to vote would you be able to support this grassroots effort, and quote, the second message claim the campaign was conducting an internal poll and asked recipients for their opinions on quote, the dangers of socialism and quote campaign. Spokesman Chris Evans blamed the messages on an impostor. It's four thirty-four CBS news special report. Out there from smokey and the bandit to boogie nights.

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