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National law enforcement officers memorial reports one hundred forty four on duty law enforcement deaths this year that is up twelve percent from last year four Chicago police officers were killed on duty in two thousand eighteen the group's CEO Craig Floyd tells WGN leading cause of death firearms. Fifty two officers shot and killed. That's a thirteen percent increase over last year. Fifty officers died in traffic related deaths in Chicago, two officers were fatally shot by suspects to officers died. Earlier this month after being hit by a train Chicago police. Looking for four men in yesterday's fatal. Daytime home invasion on the southwest side happened just after two in the afternoon, not far for midway airport near the corner of sixty four and major and Rekha Vijay hotels. The WGN TV that he lives in the area, quiet. A lot of people around here kinda quiet, but things like this are happening. So it's not that quite investigators say four man barged into the home and shot to people in the head one of the victims of Twenty-three year-old woman managed to call nine one one and survived. She is listed in critical condition. President Trump visited US troops in Iraq and told them they are now going to help keep ISIS under control in Syria. Here's ABC's Tara Palmeri. With more announcing the sudden withdrawal of two thousand troops from Syria last week, shifting the burden of handling what's left of ISIS in the region to the troops in Iraq. We can do things from Iraq. You can take your over some of the slack as you know. Ninety nine percents of the controversial drawback met.

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