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Cut fourth, the piano third and yeah, I'm with Sophie. I got bright star at two. Whether it feels like the campion outlier or not, here's our friend Lisa Nelson. She's in navasota, Texas. She says, I just finished my rewatch of the transcendent rights star and I'd forgotten just how lovely a film it is. Slowly and ever so carefully, the movie puts it spell on you until you like Fannie and keats are entirely under its power. You are swept up in its vivid poetry, it's manic mood swings and it's enchanting lyrical beauty. It makes you feel the intensity of first love in the dire heartache of the prospect of losing that love. But in the end, we are left with the sheer magic of those stolen semi private moments between Fannie and keats where they are sharing a knock between rooms or a clever game of red light green light. It is truly my favorite camping film and one of the best romances ever committed to celluloid, take that Josh Lisa didn't say that. Thanks for suggesting the rewatch, Lisa did say, yeah, bright star, I couldn't agree more, though I don't think I could have said it as well as Lisa just did. It's my number two, and if there's an additional half tier, I'm just saying slightly higher, deserving of that number one spot. Power of the dog. Wow. You said she's at the peak of her powers. I think you're right. Wow. I mean, obviously, you know, I don't know why I'm so surprised. I've got ranked number two, but did not think you would go that's a really interesting ranking to go from power the dog to bright star. More power, lovely film. I think that's a perfect word for it more power to those who do love it. I'll just reiterate, especially in the context of this overview, what I think I said when we reviewed it is if I'm feeling comfortable during a camping film, something's not entirely right. And that's just such a comforting movie, not in the context of that film and that experience, nothing wrong with that. But as we're looking at this career as a whole, I just can't rank it quite that high, putting it last does not mean I dislike it. No mischaracterization will I allow here by you or something. I hope all of your English professors back in school have disavowed you. That's what I think Josh. I think that's what you deserve. Okay, we'll see. I'll check in with them. More about the campaign Uber review at film spotting dot net slash campion. You can also learn about our previous overview our inaugural overview devoted to the work of Christopher Nolan. Are we going to continue this in 2022, Josh? Probably. Yeah, I hope it's been rewarding so far. We do have new films from the likes of, Claire Denis, Martin Scorsese, though that would be a long project. Oh my gosh. David Fincher, Terrence malick, Richard linklater among others. I don't have a horse in this race yet. I think we also put out on our website. I think we did throw out maybe Denis Villeneuve, though that was an option really when we were leading up to dune, though he is a filmmaker whose work I'd like to revisit in order, I think, at some point, as I said, don't really have a favorite right now, Josh, don't know if you do, but if our listeners do, or you have a better suggestion, we'd love to hear it. You can send that along with any other thoughts about this show to feedback and film spotting .NET. I mean, I'd love to do scorcese because I want to be a completed, but as you suggested, that would be a lot to take on Claire Denis is probably another one that sounds really appealing, but there might be others. So basically the context is if there is a major filmmaker who has a new release coming out in 2022, preferably probably from June on. So we'd have time to do this. Suggest their name. And we might be able to catch up or revisit their entire filmography leading up to that release. That is the end of our show. If you want to continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or letterboxed, Adam is at film spotting I'm at Larsen on film. Over in the show archives at film spotting .NET. You can find reviews interviews and top 5s going back to 2005. You can also vote in the current film spotting poll. We want to know what is the best film of 2021. To order show t-shirts or other merch visit film spotting .NET slash shop, and you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter. At film spotting .NET slash newsletter. Out in wide release this weekend national champions about a star quarterback who ignites a player strike hours before the biggest game of the year in order to fight for fair compensation. And yes, you can now finally see in theaters. The movie that we saw and recommended on last week's show, Steven Spielberg's west side story..

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