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The small otherwise a sunny day once the fog burns away a high of 77 at the lake eighty one degrees inland at sixty three degrees in the walkie 731 cbs news update just what happened at last night's dinner at the white house with president trump a democratic leader chuck schumer nancy pelosi it depends who you ask cbs's arden far he democrats say a deal was reached to enshrine daca protection control law and work out a deal on border security that does not include funding for a border wall the white house has a very different account of event they don't mention any of the thing democrats they happen a tweet this morning the president says he won't consent to any protections for dreamers without agreement on mass a border security uv a political analyst larry sabato on why he met with the democrats in the first place on the air drew becoming a disaster for the trump administration in president trump is recognized it and is stepping back in using the democrats as his vehicle for doing so asked about a possible deal as he left the white house if you've been to go the president said a border wall we'll come later cbs news update i'm deborah rodriguez wtmj news time seven thirty two from the wtmj breaking news center bill welke police asking for your help in finding a missing man 64yearold willie mitchell hasn't been seen since sunday afternoon when he was spotted near 27th and brown he is african american five eight two hundred thirty five pounds bald with salt and pepper facial hair last seen wearing a blue baseball head green hooded sweatshirt blue jean shorts in white nike and the shoes bcm or no worry bb please call milwaukee police home explosion in madison prompting a larger investigation wtmj is mike spaulding live in the braking houston with more yeah j neighbors as far as a mile away say they could feel the shockwaves from that explosion and debris was thrown nearly five hundred feet.

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