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Addition to the devastating human toll from the wildfires Maui, on there are thousands of animals displaced by the fires or suffering burn injuries. The Maui Society Humane is preparing for the influx. We know that a lot of people are going to need to surrender their animals and we are here with open arms when that happens and address medical cases, especially for those people that have lost everything. A Facebook page called Maui Fires Pets Help Group is coordinating food and other supplies for the shelter. People are also posting pictures of pets their that ran off during the chaos of the fires or pets they found wandering and hope to return to the owner. Others are posting offers to foster animals if the shelter becomes overwhelmed. An old hotel in Tukwila has been transformed into an important estuary for young salmon. At Northwest News Radio's John Libertini. The swatch of land off Tukwila International Boulevard is one of the few places young salmon can take a break along the Duwamish River. So what we're doing here is make a place where these fish can get out of the river. Lairdo Rollins supervised what's now called Chinook Wind. The coho salmon and Chinook salmon and most other species have to spend some time rearing in the river to grow or else when they hit the salt water they just don't make it. The hole in the ground behind left is filled with plants, tree stumps and pockets where 700 young salmon have been spotted in recent months. EPA Administrator Casey Sixkiller. And for juvenile salmon they'll have a place to rest and rear before that hitting salt water. Rest and grow. Size matters when young salmon are headed for the rugged Puget Sound. Lardo Rollins. And every day matters. It's estimated half of the young Chinook salmon die after hitting salt water. John And Martin. it's confirmed the cost to board a state ferry will go up more than 4 percent following the state commission's vote today. Northwest News Radio's Corwin Haake with the update. By a 6 -0 vote the Washington State Transportation Commission approved a plan to raise ferry fares 4 .25 percent on October 1st with a slight discount for those who purchase multi -trip passes. I think it is very hard for ferry today. users Nicole Grant, the commissioner representing King County, notes the system is plagued by service issues and an aging fleet, but she says the fare hikes presage better times. Our public servants are doing what it takes to make this system what it needs to be. And this vote to adopt these increases supports that leadership. The commission concludes the rate hike is necessary to meet a legislative mandate that fares account for 57 percent of the system's two -year, $740 million budget. Corwin Haake, Northwest News Radio. We visit the Beacon Plumbing Sports at Desk 10 and 40 minutes past the hour. It's NFL preseason football. It's Minnesota at Seattle right now with two minutes in the first quarter. The Vikings are up three to nothing and WNBA action at Climate Pledge Arena. Seattle Storm taking on the Atlanta Dream. Atlanta Dream leading 26 to 22. Bill Swartz tells us why the Storm roster is depleted. Veteran swing player Gabby Williams suffered a foot stress fracture in Tuesday's home court loss to Connecticut, so she's expected out four to six weeks. The Storm also have released guard Ivana Doykic. 25 year old thanked the Seattle Club for an opportunity and now heads to Europe to play in another league. With the Seahawks participating in preseason football tonight, the Washington Huskies took over the VMAC in Renton for one of their

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