Intel, Clinton, Joe Anderson C. F. P. discussed on 60 Minutes


With Intel yes like John thing Clinton lets you thing today the economy never grow again why would you get out of the stock market and the stock market in the and its reflection of global economic growth small is the economy grows the stock market will rise and intelligent whose first people do that because they're afraid to implode and the truth is it will but no one knows when I wish we had that crystal ball because then I would warn all about in the course of the and that would be that would be fantastic if we have that information you know what the deal and starts with very low there's no real right we live in a world where everyone knew that there would be no hi expected return rate your money your well with Joe Anderson C. F. P. and big al clothesline CPA Saturdays at ten AM on seven sixty KFMB subscribe to the podcast that your money your wealth dot com you're listening to a M. seven sixty KFMB now back to sixty minutes cracked the sport's top ten as a teenager all muscle tanks and long hair next week at the improbable age of thirty three he enters the Australian Open is the world's number one ranked player adding to his case as the greatest player of all time but it all doesn't play tennis so much as he works it blistering the ball with annihilating force lacing it was somersaulting topspin in imposing his will on the opponent is relentless approach is strikingly effective in strikingly at odds with the vibe on the Spanish island where he was born leaves now invalid never to leave it all invited us to his home town last month during what passes for an off season in tennis five weeks most players used to rest up before the start of a new season it's not often enough we found him blasting away at practice every morning deploying his lefty forehand double fisted backing every bit as dialed in as he is during his match also such is his intensity it all requires to sparring partners his main oil was once the world's number one ranked player himself he struggled that.

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