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To say that from his own unofficial poll was on eyes on twitter he said that about ninety nine percent of that were so furious at the speech that they could barely thinks straight out when you have folks this disconnected from reality is no point at which their sadness m falls into some degree of selfappraisal yeah they look at it if we're no other reason that the final gore out of the hell hold in which they find themselves that right and it only helping print approach more independent and even moderate democrats into the republican party i mean look and you saw that the reaction from even not just the hollywood laughed but also a democrat thing in the chamber that night president trump talks about low unemployment rates the bonus is going to workers about standing for the american flag and loving america and you see democrat sitting in their seats refusing to stand up and applaud with republicans what kind of message does that send to the american people to independence to moderate democrats across this country i mean it's just you know it's basically you you've got the hollywood laughed and you've got now democrats in the chamber following the law and that message of just pure resistance pure obstruction and now we are sitting on their hands tuesday night it's just on a very good message for the american people and there's no way that are going to agree with that and of trying to alter the impression of the polls were doing everything they can to inject some functional illiteracy here hip a corrado cars i was i was talking yesterday about the hill it had a headline reading excuse me this one of the reasons i also could make it to the radio recovery is the dutch trump's first state of the union garners lowest net positive reaction in two decades now yeah out of their way for this what did not listen and that article b share this with julia manchester she writes and this is based on cnn's polling either she's ready for the hill she writes on cnn's polling saying quote while sixty percent of those watching on tuesday had a very positive ressam what positive reaction to trump's address seventy eight had a very positive result positive reaction to the obama address uh unquote now translation while trump.

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