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Holds restricts so called no knock warrants and sets up a national database of officers fired for misconduct 7 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks let's go to bob inler in the traffic center On T 70 northbound near shady grove road the left lane is still blocked from the extinguished bus fire So you do have a bit of a slowdown getting by in the main lanes as it's going to be a while before the tow truck arrives to take that away Baltimore Washington Parkway northbound after one 97 police activity has been along the right side of the roadway and that is causing a delay headed past one 97 on the northbound BW Parkway And traffic on 95 is doing all right so far we do have road work setting up on route 15 between point of rocks road and basford road again tonight is the pavement continues there getting by one direction at a time alternating beltway on the inner loop of slowing through Bethesda and Silver Spring as of yet and things are generally good on 50 out to the bay bridge Virginia has the crash northbound on the George Washington Parkway before the beltway getting by a single file there And 95 south briefly slowed the yaku Kwan beyond that the pace is good in the district getting slow off the 11th street bridge to go north on D.C. two 95 getting by single file past the works on before Pennsylvania avenue is your Internet provider holding you back switched to one who keeps you moving forward switched to Kong's business today at Cox business dot com Bob and WTO traffic Storm team fours Amelia Draper Plenty of clouds out there on this Wednesday evening but dry conditions lows in the mid to upper 50s For tomorrow mostly Clowney and isolated shower as.

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