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Brian, why don't you give us your number 9? The monae, different world. Ah, there you go. It's kind of funny going back and looking at the song you kind of forget like I don't think it seemed like you just mentioned Christianity and listen to stuff for a long time. It's probably been 15 years since I probably heard that song and I was I forgot what a great song this is, a real thing. Again, a kind of a fun song to get a record with. So and it continues our Smith Harris vive as well. But yeah, I haven't number 9. It's so funny too, because that is the tour where they played the whole record in its entirety, matter of life and death. And that's the only Iron Man tour. I did not go to facility. It wasn't because I didn't like the record. Scheduling wise just was really weird. I forget what it was, but every other Iron Man tour since the beginning basically. I even saw it in your neck of the Woods front. What's the amphitheater called in Irvine? It's right. So I remember going to that, and I knew what was going on, but in the place was. I remember that thinking like I couldn't believe how many people were there, and this was, I guess, when was that record? Maybe 2006 or so. And it was jam packed and they came out and they started with different worlds and then they go to these colors don't run and they keep going brighter than they keep going and keep going. And I remember those people like halfway through going what the is going on. But I'm going to do a real quick tangent just because that's kind of fun. So when I saw mating on this last run in New Jersey, backstage hang with rod and Alexander millis, who have done a lot of work with and he, of course, fan club. My old plus. Yeah, exactly. And so we were just kind of talking and I mentioned, I forget how it came up, but we're talking about how many shows, being shows I've been to and I said, you know, I calculated and I'm over 300. Wow. I was asking, who's been to the most? You go, that's a really good question. So he did some digging and found like some guy from South America. I think that's up to 600 shows. So I wanted to ask you guys if you know how many maiden shows you've been to. Have you been to 300 main shows, Brian? Oh my God. I don't even want to say mine. I'm embarrassed. Me too. I think I've cracked like 20 something now, which is like not too bad for having started going about 2003, I guess, but that's still a lot. Hundreds. I think I'm about around 30 right now, which isn't back considering I grew up in Winnipeg were made would come once a year if you were lucky, and they weren't playing anywhere else. So if they came to Winnipeg, you're super excited. But also, you've basically been on the road itself, but like a lot of that time as well, so. And that's also the reason why I was able to kind of see them more in the last ten, 15 years because I'll go take road trips now and then try and do see them if they're playing Calgary Edmonton or Milwaukee Chicago. So I've been on a lot of those trips as well. So it was actually pretty funny as a quick segue for you. I went and saw them in Toronto back in October and we had an AW show on Wednesday and they played on Tuesday. And they stayed in the four seasons, Toronto, which is owned by my boss, SHAD Kahn. So I remember I met rod in the restaurant and I was like, dude, in 86, I snuck into the Weston hotel to try and meet iron made. And you guys kicked me out and said now I can go anywhere I want because my boss owns the hotel. You can't stop me now. You can kick that up. How do you take that? Well, you know, and then anyways, after the show, it's funny because my boss also owns the Fulham football club whose arrival of West Ham, which of course is Steve's team. I have been terrified to talk to Steve for years. Finally had some common ground introduced him to my boss. They hit it off at the greatest conversation. My boss, my boss got his phone number. Amazing. I was like, I have trying to talk to seniors for 30 years. You got his phone number in ten minutes. Once a month, and that was in 1981, when I interviewed him for my fans. Like you, Steve Harrison. But he's the greatest guy. I know that's what everybody says. Frank Bello can't believe this story. I go, I swear. And here's the best part of all. So I finally am sitting at a table with Steve and my boss Tony con and across the way is Adrian Smith. Alex Lifeson. And I'm like, oh yeah, that's licensed. Wow. Holy shit. What a night. Have you met a royalty? I know and the problem was I was so drunk at that point in time. I wouldn't talk to Alex. And I'm like, I wish I would have, I wish I wouldn't have been as drunk. I would have loved to have had a better chat with them, but it's rock and roll, right? What do you expect? Amazing. So I'm going to go next. My number 9, speaking of what you want to hear live on the next tour Merlin is Sanjay tzu, the title track for their newest record, which once again, Smith and Steve Harris. Amazing. They've connected to write the opening song on every record apparently. They know what they do.

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