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Critters are known to pray on elves and hikers abominable snowman also known as bumble of course these winter monsters not to be confused with yet he's are known to be fiercely territorial an attack anything including elves rangers and humans like the late great prospector yukon cornelius see the resemblance to the victims and what else do we know about bumblers they bounce a roughly sixty foot adult male bumble wayne roughly three to four tons in full bounce would generate enough can cost of forced to cause internal hemorrhaging and pressure fractures consistent with hikers fatal injuries the other hikers outside of the bounce blast radius will be disorientated in days leaving them to succumb to hypothermia later so time line the hikers are awaken by jingle and jangle investigating the campsite obviously scared of being placed on the nautilus to hikers cut their way to the side of the tend to sneak out there swiftly caught by the two veteran christmas soldiers and marched down the slope in an orderly fashion to be interrogated santa's workshop unbeknownst to them but be known to us they are led right into the tori lee pissed off fumble two of the hikers seized the opportunity to attack their captures and run resulting in the injuries to their knuckles another scales of a tree causing a tree to escape causing the scraping injuries from the tree the bumble than bounces crushing the ribcage of the other hiker and immediately killing another with internal head injuries jingle and jangle fly off a reindeer to safety drawing the bumble away leaving everyone for dead would happen to their eyes and tongues you ask stop asking so many questions why think you're so smart howell faith astle so i hope this clears everything up for you and your listeners hail nimrod and happy thanksgiving love longtime listener firsttime emailer your loyal sucker grand shepherd aka he with too much time on hands bs opd this email with a grain of salt maybe some to kill and also lime i'm a huge fan of your comedy loved the podcast can't wait to be a space littered and hopes alive sometime soon give bojang goes and penny a nice pet for me and keep on sir.

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