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Player reportedly tested positive after the team's recent road trip to North Dakota future games against Denver in Omaha likely to be canceled or rescheduled. And finally Hands of Grey's Anatomy will have to wait a little bit longer to find out what happens to MEREDITH Gray. The ABC medical drama will resume its 17th season one week later than planned on March 11th instead of the fourth coming up here on Colorado's Morning news, the impeachment ball, if you will is in the Senate's court, we're gonna take you live to D. C for the latest on what's next. That moment? The drive right now? John Morrissey, what you see on the rooms. I'm seeing primarily what drive around the metro area on the main roads a little snowy and slipped coming out of your neighborhoods in the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center It's not a horrible storm to drive in this morning. It's more of just a nuisance. We gotta spit of snow overnight and is still spitting a zit still see flakes falling around the metro area. But your drive this morning is going to be most affected by it in the foothills because of fog and both to 85 that I 70 drive starting to see 4 70 subject distinction. Some police departments are on action alert this morning. If you're new to Denver, this may be your first winner here. Action alert means that if you're in an action, little minor fender bender, and there's no alcohol in it. All. There's no drugs involved. Nobody seems to be hurt. Then you could exchange information with the other driver and file a report later. Wheat Ridge eyes on action alert this morning. So you Edie's you've got you've got that to deal with, but really, For the most part, it's not a bad drive, You will run into fog down toward Monument on 25. It's real, foggy south of Castle Rock, too, but that's gonna be about it Right now. We're looking pretty good. This reporter sponsored by Audible, it's a new year and a new auto new, audible Joy, audible originals. Best selling audio books, popular podcasts and more.

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