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I just think really high floor as a player. Great litmus test. I think she can do damage. It's just really tough to beat her of late. So those are my top ten on the women's side. We'll go through the men's side. I suppose a little bit faster number. Ten sharon roussev ole-ry shoutout to the tennis hipsters number nine nishikori p- operan big serves big forehands of popper and plus early round matches for nishikori always seemed to get funky at grand slams number eight. The go azlan. Carrots have taken on jeremy. Shar de number seven cass. Arba grinders paradise that matches prime door. If you've got four hours at some point during the day you're going to you know if you turn on tennis at some point between whenever this match starts and four hours after you can have the opportunity to watch part of this because it's going to be a physical grind. Fritz nakajima go american. Tennis is ner nishioka if you have twelve feet and seven inches of height and one of the players as a seven footer and the others five seven. You have that disparity it's inherently in aesthetically pleasing match. So i'm in on it query. Pcb those are two guys under the right. Circumstances can make deep runs tee off. Oh pospisil how does he off. Oh follow up the win oversee poss- that's fun. Matchup harris rube love. Lloyd harris has big serve big power. That could provide big problems to andre rube love but i expect route left to advance and then i'm surprised by nine number one but i didn't want a lot you listeners. I'm going jovovich anderson just because jovic pursuit of grand slam number twenty his pursuit of all five of the big titles this year the four slams and the olympics. That's on top of all fans of men's tennis right now. Let's just be honest that pursuit of history to do that at age thirty four all conversations can end at that point and he's got a legitimate shot to do it and you know again. Anderson is just a roadblock in the way after the final they played in wimbledon a few years ago certainly anderson did not perform well in that match and he gets another shot at jovic which is why he continues to play big. Serve this surface. Maybe provides problems. Probably not. But i'm locked in on that match. I'm sure you will be as well. That's day number three of wimbledon. And of course we will be back tomorrow to recap all those matches. We will have a gas on tomorrow's mini break and we should have guests moving forward throughout the course of the fortnight. Of course we will also have. Gsp ace the day. Picks will have match of the day segments for our.

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