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Bound at random Crowley it's an accident on the shoulder and heading to death and I thirty five E. north but approaching post oak Dr correct watch the right lane with KLIF traffic on the flights I'm bill Jackson I'm meteorologist Brad Martin really cloudy damp and cool today was spotty showers possible today and tonight may be mixed in with usually I did a forty six low nine thirty seven will stay well above freezing and very light north winds tomorrow looks a whole lot better clearing with a high of fifty five tomorrow Friday sunny and sixty two on Saturday seventy on Sunday and a new chance of rain late Monday I'm KLIF WBAP meteorologist Brad Martin right now it's thirty eight degrees in Allen forty in Mansfield and forty in doubt do you sell stuff online but you're probably still recovering from that crazy holiday shopping season well there's a way to help you make twenty twenty less crazy and more successful it's called ship station chief station makes managing and shipping orders a breeze by allowing you to import orders from any sales channel no matter where you're selling ships they should bring all your orders into one simple interface they work with all major carriers including USPS FedEx and UPS allow you to compare and choose the best shipping solution for you and your customer chip station offers discounts on shipping rates so you can access the same discount usually reserved for fortune five hundred companies there's a reason ship station is the number one choice of online sellers start this year right at ship station dot com use offer code radio to get a sixty day trial free that's two months free of no hassle stress free shipping visit ship station dot com click the microphone at the top of the page and type radio that ship station dot com offer code radio ship station make ship happen bill because near south whiskey and we wanna make the car buying experience as easy as possible we have a non commissioned sales team the price you see online is the price you will pay and of course price is important so with our industry leading pricing remember this if I can't be the new Karki they'll Texas I'm just going to give it to you so you made the decision to own a handgun now what will owning a handgun comes with responsibility and at Texas going experience you can develop the skills to handle and operate your hand guns safely with their introduction to licensed to carry classes Texas got.

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