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How're you doing? Great. Welcome to the show. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Hey, I got a quick question. It's actually for my mother lives up in big Bear, California nice And so she doesn't get terrestrial. Uh, Internet in her house didn't get cable or it's not even available in your area. So she's got a Verizon jetpack that she uses for her her laptop. Okay, but she doesn't have anything that she can get WiFi throughout the house, and I just wonder if there's anything else out. There may be a little bit more robust. Yeah, she has a couple of choices. Yeah, so Verizon will also offer a kind of home Internet package. If she gets good Verizon service you might want to call them and say, Hey, look, I'd like to use it for my Internet. T Mobile also is offering that in some regions not all probably not big bear, but it's worth called a T mobile. But it sounds like because she's got good Verizon connectivity. That's the first place I go. That's so that you know, she can get Her Internet through the cable over the phone company. Now the drawback to that is, in many cases, they charge a lot more, and they have limits on bandwidth caps and so forth. But if they offer home Internet that would be the choice for that the other way she goes satellite like a landline. No, no Verizon lab. No, no Verizon's through through a cell carrier. So, Yeah, So that's I presume? Yeah, She has no landline. She is, but she is able to get Verizon data. And that's good news. That means that she could probably get fairly high speed from Verizon. But she'd have to she wouldn't want to use her phone is a hot spot, for instance, which he could because she'll quickly tap out the bandwidth cap because they don't want you to use more than, say, five gigs or six gigs. Maybe eight at most, and you go go through that in a few hours on Netflix or something. But she can call them and say, Look, she's get member point being that she's getting a good signal from them. She should call him and see what kind of options they have for home Internet. More and more companies will offer this Because of T Mobile, which is T Mobile, rolling this out nationwide, so there's pressure to do this from the other guys. I would ask the other way to go a satellite and she is probably eligible for Starling. Now. This is not cheap. But this is going to be a nice fast connection. Starling is a satellite. You spent 500 bucks up front for the equipment. And then it's 99 Bucks a month, and she's most people typically getting between 102 100 megabits per second download. With faster speeds all the time because they're putting more satellites up all the time. So if she doesn't mind the price StarLink would be a good choice. There's one other caveat on StarLink. You need to be able to put the it's got a little dish a couple of feet across, but it has to be positioned somewhere where there's no obstructions to the entire sky. Usually the best way to do that is put on the pole on the roof, or, you know something high. If she's in a kind of a tree. I'm sure she's in a tree area. Big bear. Um so you wanna put above the trees so that she can see the horizon all around the best best clears the horizon. The better. StarLink will be. Yeah, and she's already got satellite TV. So I think you know that's that's something that would be doable, But I think that's probably more price. It's pretty expensive. Yeah, so she's already using Verizon for data on her laptop because she's got the Verizon built in the laptop. But but But as I said, you could expand that. But you would want to check with Verizon about cost bandwidth caps, et cetera. Shoot if you want to watch just you want to. It Sounds like she's got TV. So it mostly beef Internet connectivity, Not for streaming Netflix things like that. Uh, yeah, right now, I mean all she does pay bills, but The whole Internet new tour, and there's a lot of cat videos out there for, uh, well, you know, watching high def video. I'm glad she's got TV via satellite because that's going to be less pressure on her to watch TV on her Internet connection. That's where you'd really run up against those caps for cat videos are paying bills. I think you're probably all right, so as she can get, Verizon makes Kara Box camera what they call it. I always call my thighs, but they make boxes that are basically WiFi. But it uses the L T from Verizon. And it's a WiFi adaptor for that, and that would solve that. Then she could then should have WiFi throughout the house through the same connection she's got right now in our laptop. Right. Okay. Awesome. Yeah, but she should check pricing. As I said, Ben, with Captain pricing is where they get you. I think that's gonna change. I really do. Let's see what Verizon Scooter X has just given me a link in our chat room. To a Verizon's or Bic speed mobile hot spot. Yeah, that's it. It's 80 bucks. Um And then you're going to pay for the Internet connectivity. You should, As I said, and the chip. She's using the jetpack. She could use that for a regular. That's a my fight guard. So she could use that as well. But just to put I think that'll be WiFi throughout the house, actually. Actually, she should check. You may already have what she needs to do what she wants our show today brought to you by remote. PC. Here's the thing. Here's the thing. A lot of people want to do. When they're when they're at home. They'd like to go to work. You see, Apple is going to wait until January, the very earliest before people come back to the office, a lot of companies even letting you.

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