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Dot com that a new leader of the episcopal diocese I'm Brian Kelly came watch news time is eleven OO three year forecast at eleven OO five the episcopal diocese of Missouri will have a new leader for its ten thousand worshipers next year the first time since two thousand two this has been absolutely an amazing in some ways unexpected but joy filled weekend I spoke with Reverend Deane Johnson just a few hours after he learned he'll be the bishop replacing the retiring right Reverend George Wayne Smith next April Johnson is known for his experience with social justice issues and ministry to gay and lesbian community it's a false statement that we are really going to love you no matter who you are no matter who you love about it which you came from or matter what you have done god still loves you deeply and I think that that's the heart of who we are that this could be aliens as followers of Jesus and that Christians moving into the twenty first century Johnson's currently a rector of St Paul's Episcopal Church in Brighton Michigan Brad Choate Saint Louis is news radio came way a woman was killed early this morning and head on accident in north kings highway in Berkshire in Saint Louis happened about two fifteen this morning the victim has not yet been publicly identified the Dave and busters and river port had to close early last night after a couple of fights involving teenage girls spilled from inside the restaurant into the parking lot five teenagers most of them juveniles were arrested for what police say are minor offenses after several hundred people were evacuated the restaurant decided just to close shortly after nine o'clock no one was hurt it's going to be mostly sunny today with a high of fifty eight patchy clouds and thirty nine tonight tomorrow mainly sunny and sixty three degrees Tuesday cloudy breezy with showers and sixty than Wednesday we drop down to just a high of forty seven is going to be blustery and cold Thursday on thanksgiving mostly cloudy a little rain in the afternoon and forty one get heading to fifty eight word forty six in Saint Charles and Edwards bill forty five under sunny skies downtown at the gateway arch I'm Brian Kelly KMOX two's time eleven OO five well the market as Saint Louis Honda sports on a Sunday morning.

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