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I was trying to figure out I if it was kind of a sarcastic cheer, but I felt like it was a pretty heartfelt encouragement after he made you know four field goals and three extra points. So he was obviously very happy afterwards, and we're very happy for him. I stink. Are you more impressed with Aaron Rodgers was able to do with the end or are you more worried and concerned that this this game came down to the very end against Jake Beth third in the forty Niners injured as they are. And Kyle Shanahan is a really, really good coach, and he puts his players in great positions to win their physical football team, though. Run it. I really have a lot of respect for them in that regard. I'm more concerned about the Green Bay Packers and you know, you gotta think about this. Now they've fired five coach in the offseason three on the defensive side offense, coordinator, quarterbacks coach, Aaron Rodgers was not happy about firing the quarterbacks coach, and you're in a situation in this happens to great quarterbacks. I think Peyton Manning was in this. I used to say all the time back in the day when Peyton Manning was with the colts. I'm like, he covers so many wars that you think you're a lot better than you really are. They're eight talent, you know that are twelve and four every year because of the words that that guy covers. And then I was I was way off because he left with a neck injury and they went to and fourteen. I was like, no, you guys are way less down. I thought you were. I think that's, I think it's an issue. I think you create you create this scenario where that guy play so well that you think your team is better than it really is. And I think you know, Ted Thompson was another guy. They. Removed from being the general manager. So that's that's a big concern for me. This team is, I mean, this team, the San Francisco is beat down. You've got to step on the throat to the people that are be down at home at home, going into your by knowing because Rogers Senate after the game, he knows what's coming up after the. Bye. How about you go to the Rams into the patriots and back to back weeks. This was a must win. Gotta have it game at home extra day to prepare, and you need Aaron, Rodgers magic, come on like that is that's what they need every week, right? I'm glad they do to win. They need him to be magical. I'm glad you brought up the colts because here's something that's unfortunate, but it's a reality of Peyton Manning's era with the colts that was an underachieving Europe, not by Peyton, but by the organization, you have Peyton Manning for the better part of fifteen years. You make the Super Bowl twice went at once. How does that happen? Tell you out happens because you have the ultimate band aid that you decide. Okay. We can make it work with this guy, but at least Payton had Marvin Harrison than Reggie Wayne Dwight free. And then Robert Mathis at least he had some guys that we can say, okay, there's a couple of gold jackets plan alongside him era. Just got nothing like that. And at least Peyton at Tony Dungy era doesn't have that either. Like it is I, you made the point see to give Kyle Shanahan CJ Beathard credit. And I I would like to do that with with that said CJ Beathard prior to last night, under Shane hand was one in six with seventy one rating and fifty six percent completions like.

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