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Bracket, which yes, because it makes sense. Yeah, because seeds 25 to 32 are slated to play seeds one to 8 in the third round, whereas seed 17 to 24 are slated to play 9 to 16. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense to me. And yeah, he really engaged with that question. It was very interesting. And he was asked a lot about how his feeling physically because it was grueling today. They played in the heat of the day. He's probably going to need a lot of reserves to face it to pass next. And he said, obviously this was immediately after the match be said he felt a lot better than he did after the previous match against Francis tiafoe when he cramped right in fact he started cramping on match point. And he continued cramping after them actually said he got to the gym and his whole body just went into cramp, but he said that was think he gave this great quote. He looked down the barrel and said, nerves are a crazy, crazy thing. And he said, you know, that was down to the fact that it was all tied up in the fact that he was playing TFO who's a good friend and somebody really looked up to that made him a lot more nervous. So he is ready to face Stefano sit to pass and by stark contrast sits a passes press conference today was a weird time, David Matt warned me that his previous press conference was weird and probably not to bother with this one. But I wasn't doing anything else at the time, so I thought, I'll go for the pod. Further pods are go. And my God, it was weird. He sat down. In a T-shirt and shorts and he was literally unable to speak due to how cold and shivering he was. He sort of had lock jaw. From the cold. And we sort of stuttering through his answers due to how cold he was and giving giving some very bizarre answers. And I'm sure he was cold, it's very air conditioned in there, but I'm sure that Adidas supply him with hoodies. I think he owns hoodies and it was all the more perplexing because the reason I told you or warned you about the press conference was that he did the exact same thing in the press conference before. So it's not like this was his first experience of being cold. No, it was a really, really weird vibe. I asked him how the shoulder was, and he said, fine. Thanks very much. And I thought it was the sort of slightly defensive answer that you don't give if your shoulder really sorry elbow really is fine. Thanks very much. But look, he won in four sets today against Benoit paire. I've got a sneaky feeling about Fritz winning that, you know, you were the early spotter David of the fact that it's a pass really struggles against big servers. He's had heavy losses here. Against big servers. He's improved since then, but I still think there's a weakness there. I think a lot depends on how Fritz comes up physically, but I think that'll be a match at the very least. I think Fritz needs to attack him and I think he will, because I think that generally is his mindset. I think that's maybe why he's taken a bit longer to come through. It's not, he's got a couple of ways you can play tennis matches and I think he started to package his game more effectively now. I mean, actually, I think if on that returning against attacking players or big servers vibe, if you put cresty up against it's about, so I would really fear for 6 to pass in that matchup. I think he would struggle with that. Maxim cressy David thinks the same. Because Matt and I spoke to Maxine cressy for the first time today after his third round victory over Australian Chris O'Connell. He's made the second week of Islam for the first time. He's going to face the number two seed the sort of de facto top seed. Daniel Medvedev and Matt and I went to his press conference and he is a confident man. Oh yes. I had heard other people say that maxime crisis has a lot of belief in himself and is confident. But hearing it from maxime cressy himself was it took you back the confidence to see that I felt like I'd been to I felt like I'd heard a sort of cult leader speak and the colt was maxim cressy. And Matt and I walked down from the press conference today together. And I was like, well, maybe he's going to beat mep forever. Maybe he's going to win the title and you know, I'd been totally brainwashed into maxim grassy land because he spoke that compellingly about the cult of maxime Chrissy. Yeah, well, I mean, look, before we before, before we delve too much deeper, we're actually going to play you the audio of Matt and I's encounter with might seem crazy. We weren't the only two in the press conference there was one other Australian journalist and Frank lamella a brilliant French journalist from keep, who asked him some French questions after after the grilling he received from Matt and I but from me rather but he faced questions from the Australian journalist first and one of the questions he was asked about whether he had a kit sponsor because it didn't it didn't look on the court like he was he was wearing branded kit and this is what he had to say to that. Yeah, wait, I'm patient. I wait until I have a major breakthrough and I have a leverage to negotiate, especially during the COVID and everything. It's much tougher to have a great deal with a sponsorship. So I prefer really breaking through the top 50 top ten and then I negotiate yeah. Is that what you see yourself going top ten? Yeah, even number one. Yeah. I'm very confident. I can my games talk in bits anyone. So starting this year, I'm very confident. I played Nadal and I really believed it really put him at uncomfortable position. So if I really stick to my routines and to a very disciplined mindset, I can do it. Do you feel like you obviously personal private do you feel extra pride having this success doing it the way that you're doing it with that game style? People are calling you the guy that's bringing back certain volley. Yeah. Yeah, my vision from the very beginning was to bring certain volley back. I've had many different many people tell me that it's dead. It's not going to be efficient or effective today, and the courts are slower. The returns, there's better returners today. I've heard many excuses that serve in volleys, not going to be the best game style for me. But I had a vision to bring it back and I believe it's going to happen. Can I ask about the notebook that you have as a change of end to what sort of stuff? Yeah. It's one of my routines to be in the present. In those kind of conditions, with the crowd and everything, the mind can wonder really easily..

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