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Oh wait a minute marcus how how about philadelphia seventy sixers oh i mean can you can you imagine if philadelphia had jason tatum with ben simmons and joylin be right i agree oh lord talking about dropping a ball what the hell were they thinking about marquel fault i mean right now hope he can't get shot right right now it might be the biggest number one overall bust in nba history and you gotta remember kwame brown was taken number one overall cormet abraham so for me to say that can you understand the magnitude of those words that just came out of my mouth yes okay thanks for the call bro thank you so much thank you so much marie san l a you lava stephen on espn radio it was reese nice to hear from you man big time fan i get mad when you don't come in and you take a day off i just turn off the radio and i got i got through to say man number one if you ever quit this job or retire man you should become a dj you know you'll music and i'm sure you will be a headman anybody would enjoy the music you select at least i appreciate you saying that some people say i should run for office i say no i have clintonesque pass and i'll leave it at that go ahead make these with the real putting on man you got me jogging over here now chapman ask the my board op she deserves all the credit for it but go ahead man go ahead which point 'cause i one thing to say about lebron james j just hypothetically speaking then say you know the lakers are doing not that well but you know they got to as an and the whole crew there in in pretending that they will stay and they will let him stay in james comes to la and i i wanted to know what we what what what is your take when he comes to the brian what we live ron james do if i say thomas in the lakers will he say what he say like gets i'd read about.

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