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M. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. Welcome oh come into the show for seventy minutes in the primary. They was singing. There's only one united to but if a different soda at the end of the game. Shaka his and Craig Burley with me. Adrian Healey Giulio Laurent will bring his own harmonies to the proceedings as well. Let's take you through. The highlights. The only Premier League game of the day shift united and Manchester United added at Bramall Lane and it was all the home team wasn't in the fish off and they deservedly went in front. Joe flacco Mussa doing very well on his right hand side. I really not sure about united defensively. The hair unlucky. And then a real moment equality Craig from the United early in the second. Yeah both both from John Fleck and Timoci finished very well. They looked down and out dead and buried. Didn't they until this moment from Brandon Williams. Yes a really good finish at the end of what what seemed more than a hoop football into then lo and behold Mason Greenwood's notting it up to a peace and got even better for man united. Marcus Good Lung Cup play. Done the laugh. Dinu James Pixel Russell than it was a pretty much an empty but here cans the sting in the tail. All you McBurney meeting. That's very nice. I looked to see whether the hand is involved. I agree with the refugee part. It wasn't coolest down's no less than chef. United Manchester United looked shut out of it completely even came back to get a point three sixty percent of the bowl. They had the expected goals telling some sort of story but it does begin. Gitane the story in this game. I it's difficult to know where to start Craig is there's so many different sort of panch this game. I can tell you this I knew watch for the first seventy minutes and then went off to the gym. Because because I've only done I think share for united to think there was a couple of things and they.

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