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Apple, New York, Boeing discussed on Red Eye Radio


Visit el Paso Texas Wednesday days after a gunman opened fire at a local Walmart they're killing twenty two people this despite a controversy earlier this year click novel report el Paso mayor de Margo didn't meet with president trump during his last trip to Paso earlier this year for a political rally but the mayor says this is different because it's not a political visit that this is the office of the mayor of el Paso in an official capacity welcoming the office of the president of the United States which I consider this my formal duty he says the focus of the trip will be resource is the city needs and the lives lost in the massacre nothing else quite Nevil el Paso well as the deadly mass shootings devastated communities in Texas and Ohio Chicago experienced yet another bloody weekend suffering a level of violence some say is now routine in the city seven people were killed forty six wounded including to multiple shootings on the west side well US officials label China a currency manipulator afterwards after the develop your Asian of its money sent stock prices tumbling Monday at the end of the trading day the Dow Jones industrial average was down seven hundred and sixty seven points that was an improvement from earlier in the day when it was down nine hundred and sixty one points the two point nine percent loss in value was matched by a nearly three percent decline in the S. and P. five hundred and almost a three and a half percent drop in the nasdaq the fall in prices came as Beijing allowed the value of its currency to fall below the symbolic point seven you one to one US dollar major US corporations like Boeing caterpillar and apple saw their stock prices drop significantly Steve casting about New York officials at London's Heathrow airport so plans labor strike was suspended union agreed to percent of pay offer.

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Apple, New York, Boeing discussed on Red Eye Radio

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