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A Navy spokesman telling Koga News, the F 18 Super Hornet jet from Naval Air Station Lemoore and had a mishap during a routine training flight near Naval Air weapons Station and China Lake. The pilot ejected safely was taken to a medical facility as in good condition. Santiago County has narrowly escaped the start of a countdown toward falling back into the most restrictive tear of covert closings. California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Gelli said the day the county's case rate was adjusted down by 1/10 of a percent to keep the numbers on the red tear, but the state will be watching closely. And any additional guidance or support the state can provide to make sure that they stay on the red side of that threshold, because that tells us that transmission rates are not going up coming down. If that case rate in the county rises above the threshold and stayed there for two weeks, the county would drop back to the purple tear and only outdoor dining and outdoor operations in many businesses would be allowed. The state has released guidelines about amusement and theme parks in California. It will only allow the large theme parched open like Disneyland in Lego land when their counties reached the lowest level the yellow tier of the Corona virus watch list. Even then, on ly a 25% capacity theme parks, like Legoland and Dizzy Land and Sea world have been closed to revive throughout the pandemic, Except for Outdoor operations. At times, professional sporting events in the state are now closer to re opening to at least some fans. Pro sports events may return to outdoor stadiums of 20% capacity. Once a county moves into the Orange Armada frontier, we could return to 25% capacity in the yellow, minimal tier ticket sales will be limited to fans who live within a 120 mile radius of each stadium. Investigators in Los Angeles today looking into the cause of that fire that damaged a destroyed it election ballots and a voter dropbox location Sunday. The county Fire Department put the fire out pretty quickly Sunday and roughly 230 ballots inside the damaged voter drop box in Baldwin Park were turned over to the city's police department. The Los Angeles County registrar of voters, Dean Logan, the vast majority of them we, We are able to ascertain that at a minimum, the voters information if not preserved, a ballot itself, so we are reaching out to those voters and making sure that they know that they that we will get them another ballot that they'll have an opportunity to vote. Logan says. They still want people to call in. If they used that drop box in case their ballot was one of those too badly burned to recognize. L, A County supervisor for the area says a new box will be installed that are lighting will be provided around the area. That's just gross unthought reporting from Los Angeles. The final Senate vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett will happen on Monday. Eight days before the November 3rd presidential election. Democrats are not happy about it, said it leader Chuck Schumer's saying today, a more conservative high court threatens the health care of millions of Americans. And the Dodgers get yet another chance to win a World Series that they opened the best of seven series tonight about a neutral field in Texas against the Temple Bay Rays there trying to win their first effort, World Series. On Wall Street. Today, the Dow closed up 113 points. It's 303. Let's check the freeways now, with Coco's real time traffic Here she is Laura Kate. This report is sponsored by the San Diego County BMW Centers are.

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