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I've heard asked of your female colleagues how do you balance being a working dad with the job of being FDA Commissioner, it's very hard. I'm away from my family during the weekend. It's very hard so hard as part of the job is is the fact that I'm away from my family, and even when I'm home on weekends. You know, I spent one whole day working. So I don't think I'm balancing very, well, did you balance it better in some way? Given the demands of this job. It's hard these twenty four seven jobs, and I think I think, unfortunately, that's the only way to do these jobs. Well, there's going to be a new planned community next door to FDA. I saw you with the groundbreaking. I watch video of you with Maryland governor, Larry HOGAN, could you buy a home in that next community that community will be fully erected? I think in sometime like twenty twenty five. So I'm not making long-term plans out that far. Last question when I sat down with CMS administrator Andy Slavic at the time in two thousand sixteen I think it was the first episode of this podcast. He made a comment like I need to do something on drug pricing. If I don't the next guy who comes in the next person who comes in. We'll say what the heck was slab thinking, what is the thing that you need to accomplish that if the next FDA Commissioner comes in and it hasn't been done. You will feel like the work was unfinished. Well, look, I feel good about what we're doing our job in the pro drug pricing debate is to try to bring more product competition to the market. I feel like we're doing that successfully. In terms of the reforms will make making the generic drug side. I think there is there is not as much recognition as the obstacles that branded companies face bringing follow on innovation to the market and some of these these drugs targeting on medical needs. We you see companies maintaining monopolies for longer periods of time and sometimes in perpetuity for drugs targeting unmet, medical needs, and that lack of competition against branded drugs is maintaining higher prices for long appear. As of time we have data demonstrating this. Now, I'm gonna be publishing a study that we did our own analysis showing that when we look at a cohort or drugs from the early two thousands to the current cohort of drugs over five or ten year period is taking much longer to get the second and third to market drug to the market now than it did ten years ago, and there's reasons for that. And I think there's things we can do to address it. But if that if that trend continues, and if you see venture capitalists and companies pulling out of the market, if they don't think that they can be first to market we're going to have significant challenges going forward, keeping these drugs affordable. The other thing that I'm going to be focused on in two thousand nineteen is looking at ways to try to improve the overall economics of generic drug development. I think that that industry is facing some pressures a lot of more commercial pressures that we can't affect. But I think some of them are regulatory. I think the multiple cycles of review are very costly to the industry. I think there's things we can do to make it less expensive and more efficient to file generic applications and get more generic companies into the space. See more competition, and we're going to be very focused on some of those reforms also making high value opportunities available to share companies that means you know, what we can do in biosimilars what we can do on drugs that have Rhames associated with them. What we can do in hard to formulate drugs to make it easier to genera size those drugs. Well, that's a lot of stuff to finish. No wonder you're working sixty's a week. Really could be working seven. But we will let you get back to your work. Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. Thank you for joining politico. Bolster thanks for having me. That's it for pulse. Check this week. My thanks to Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb and his team for making time and space for this interview. And my colleagues are over mall for making her long way to debut on politico. Pulse. Check as always

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