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Just for SIS, just for straight SIS men, because there, I know that they're the ones fucking up our bathrooms now now that it's been engendered. Seats straight SIS men turning to be nice women's restrooms into garbage. So I want one restroom for the straight says, man, I dunno. I want one restroom for the rest of us. There's some like dirty even from before control those women. They're able that are just real nasty. I'm just saying if you'd weed out the worst, you'd weed out the worst of them. I'm happy to share a bathroom. Yeah. With my with trans brothers and sisters, and my neutral, gender brothers and sisters non binary brothers and sisters and not gendered sibling turn. Yeah. Siblings. There we go. I found siblings, but get those grossed dudes out of my bathroom this Hetman. There's okay there's a way that some people treat public restrooms that is it is humor. I have slightly to be able to reliably. And obviously, this is a small price to pay. I'm just doing my complaining. I used to have a reliable gas station bathroom that I would stop out on the way from LA to San Diego. It's like a nice midway point, and ever since those bathrooms gut on gendered. It's been a real nightmare. I now I can't stop there anymore. The last time I went there was actual shit. Smeared on the floor. Yeah, the smell was atrocious. It was horrible. And that bathroom used to be reliably clean. I believe that I will say in my experience. There is something about that. And this is historically even before bathrooms became gender neutral about a women's target restroom. That is target because usually green children. Targets are usually clean. The bathrooms are like a whole other situation. The line's always forever and it smells like shit in there. Yeah. All the kids that moms are taken a target. And there are also like there are people who go to the bathroom, and are like I don't need to flush. It's fine that I have had I unknown just I just leave his bloody tampon flooding in here. Oh, God, also look, no period, shaming here. Right. Have you ever gone into a bathroom? And you're like someone is on like day, the Ray of their flow right now and it is bad like they are not that hygenic to begin with. Oh, it's like like I am doing a face plant into a fuck and maxi pads. So grow. What like and the thing is you're not supposed to flush those. Right. So people put those in the little trash cans, dragons, don't get cleaned out. Sometimes they don't even have bags. No, they're just lose. I do not know what to do when that happens me, I'm like, there's no bag. They're like I still have to put it in. I'm so sorry janitorial staff but I..

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