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Better testing capability. Much Much Beth Sarah surveillance capability and the ability to respond with counter-measures with drugs. That work that it will be an entirely different ballgame. So number one. I hope we don't have a rebound that would make this very difficult as we get into November but if we do and there certainly is a possibility. I'm a realist. It certainly is a possibility. Hopefully we'll be able to respond to that rebound in a much more effective way than what we see now in January February march. You're a man of medicine a man of science but today's Easter Sunday. And I know that you're Catholic face faith and your Jesuit education played an important role in your upbringing. And how you you look at the task in front of you today on this holy day of Easter. What role does faith play in this immense task? You have before you you know. I think faith means different things to different people people with a strong foundation. Faith I think is very very important when you go through serious really terrible. Ideal are ordeals. Excuse me that the country is going through. I think faith you know helps people through this. You Know I. I just know my father who is a man of deep deep faith and when there were times in his life and and in the life of the country where he needed solace I mean. His faith was just extraordinary. I was always in order them and I think that there are many many people that way so faith is a good thing science. You have to do what? Science is but the faith in how you deal with stress and your. We're going through a historic ordeal right now. This this is people are going to write about this. As a terrible affront on us as a nation to a health into a wellbeing. It's it's tough and faith would take an important role all right well on this Easter Sunday. God bless you Doctor Fatty we appreciate your leadership and we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. You you to jake and the best. Thank you Sir. Coming up next. We're GONNA check on one of the hardest hit by the Koran viruses. The death toll climbs is there also some cause for HOPE IN NEW JERSEY? Stay with us. As the Koran virus pandemic has four schools across the country to close teachers are scrambling to get their curriculum and their students online. I'm poppy harlow in this week. On boss files. I talked to two leaders who are supporting those teachers students and their parents during this crisis Russia Johnny the founder and CEO of girls who code and Joe Holland the CEO of teachers pay teachers. They talk to me about how organizations are working to help the most vulnerable students during this uncertain time. You can listen to the latest episode of Boss Files. Wherever you get your podcasts. You're about to seize your Keel. O.`Neil like you've never seen him before the show about my life. Just because I have more than the.

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