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Not in noah kuwait leonard is not in the spurs starting lineups but a bit of a law season so far the early going in a way for leonard who the spurs were certainly love to have back a perennial mvp candidate for one four seven nine nine one at 620 the accunet mortgage talk and tax line hackers in bears this weekend at soldier field bears favorite as i mentioned before and it just kind of a sign of how far things have fallen here for the packers after the loss of aaron rodgers in it really you know you look at the injury report you're thinking yourself all right while the packers are fairly healthy but it doesn't really includes some of the players have been lost for the season like ryan blaga can of course aaron rodgers right and now the laws of martellus bennett or the allied them we're not worthy thought he was effective or not he helped out of the run game i think more than anything certainly wouldn't say that the allance kendrick's in richard rogers are expert at one blocking so what's another element to try and take to play here as he size up at this matchup the bears are a better defensive team there is no question about their a top10 defense the packers are not even close to a top ten defense for a variety of different reasons offense vliet you'd hope the packers can get some something done in moving the ball iggy the bears are gonna come at you with the rug dry they're not going to slam the ball all over the field you'd know what they are going to do but can you stop it that'll be the chess man's i guess on sunday in chicago but what if you'll know about this matter is this a win is this where the losing streak stops for the packers or is this where in a we come back on monday evening in and have a show in prime figure out just how hive of crap pick the packers are going to have because if he can't be bears can't really be many teams in the nfl for one four seven nine nine one six twenty the i can it mortgage talk and text lied view liked villainous ask for the lockerbie as kind of an interesting mix of discussion points right him.

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