Iran, United States, Abbass Rocky discussed on America's Morning News


Past the hour. New this hour, Iran's deputy foreign minister says he believes European Union nations will soon announce they've created a program for Iran to continue trade there and avoid reimposed US. Sanctions Abbass rocky told Iranian state television by telephone Thursday that he expected the program known as the special purpose vehicle to be ready for business in one or two months. Now, e you foreign ministers are meeting Thursday in Bucharest Iran's ambassador to the U K as similarly tweeted, he believed the announcement of the program was imminent. EU officials have not formally acknowledged the start of the program though. German media reports suggested France, Germany and the UK at finalized, creating it. The reports say the program will be based in France, and we'll have a German director that of course to get around Dingley imposed sanctions or the re-imposed sanctions. That the US slapped on Iran after the US pulled out of the Iran nuclear agreement. Well, more than a week into a standoff with the opposition Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Wednesday. Now, he's willing to negotiate violent street demonstrations erupted last week after opposition leader Juan glide oh declared during a major opposition rally that he had assumed that presidential powers under the constitution. Of course, since then the US is recognized Guido Guido has come under heavy scrutiny from the government, nNcholas Medeiros government that not only from the government from the courts as well. They have threatened my.

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