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And how are you how is one of waitress and working at ca at the same time is that even possible i don't know she needs to fuck more strangers in hollywood because that sounds like too much work to be in this town it's like you're young then anti come from famous people stop working someone why did we see like where did the name slate come from early countertops part in the beginning of a movie when they go action i like slates so andy's like okay let's get to the real reason you were hired john cougar mellencamp to see watson z like me doesn't think tall toilet veteran a black t shirt or like a full suit yeah but your data meg ryan eric net sell offensive that's so fucking forward i'm like erica do even know what your persona is dollars with detroit on yahoo miss i don't give a fuck like i can't believe you asked about meg ryan like you'll laugh and i'm like no we won't i guarantee my dad was at this art show any thought someone's coming up to ask for his autograph but they really wanted to ask about me into read oh andy reid watches on my god does she still use aol does he here you've got mail favorite part i love that movie has sweep yet billy crystal bed one little one to see remember powers or no so teddy's like well i can tell you she watched it with all of us at christmas in antioch god operation and eric goes with it he's in the rock and roll holiday he doesn't have to collaborate with anymore.

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