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Lion king no what i'm saying yeah that's true ooh way she is forget i just watched the show today at trail she has a new movie coming out with tika sumpter and i will we'll be go break so good i'm gonna miss something you guys i wash this washer travels man look a fun movie is like tiffany haddish because sumpter and gobert so it like my two sisters in the mom i'm looking at it like oh this thing looks fun and then in in very small it was written indirect about tyler perry and i thought i was like ooh did i still like it actually i i still like mine so many things happened in the world whoopi goldberg has got me to like tyler perry that's the power of what be honestly you're right test that's the path honestly right as we'll be ever hosted s no i don't know why that is popular very that is a question because she because at a comedian i don't take the first black female comedian host did stand up i know but would you get like if she hosts it which how we never hosted us know like yeah louis she considered you know what i mean and i wonder if that's because she turned it down or they legit never s i think she did i think i do don maybe she didn't because it was a big deal with tiffany was like on the show wait and this isn't even a shade wait i'm looking at an article right now says yes appeared in a single sketch right right debate over black woman on snl how interesting yeah googled and saw that whoopi goldberg had been on it so i reached out to her you're reading an article right now when had us went but she she'd only been one sketchy never she didn't host it wow wow that's yeah oh yeah oh yes and in the sketch she's just like he's wearing this dress the color purple oh my god are you kidding we still we gotta move on from that i don't wanna i don't wanna grew still talking let's go back to move fast to the hyena james ain't good also in the back jason james you don't have to double down i'm just saying you can see you don't have to color purple okay nick reducing it can you please wearing don't nobody's saying color and then whatever the color is colors like that oh so dress your slowly built up james what you sing nick you start to show please james.

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