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Option right Jackson keeps it we went over the forty yard line for the first down to the thirty nine but since it makes the stop but that's the old option from the shot gun Jackson some little bit of room inside okay got the first machine was waited so heavy on the right trying to get after the past they had Jordan Glasgow Josh you Jay and Eckley cuts in coming off the edge all the speed in the world on the right but the they allowed penetration note for the office of wine to get up to their line backer level in for Merrill to pick up the first down on the right side speedster demi's is now split wide last Jackson remains the quarterback he's got McFarland is left gets this now the given an option look macfarlane McFarlane his way down to the thirty five year what's in the glass go on the stock what a gain of forty second six from the Wolverine thirty five when we used to call the scissors run because it is designed cut back it's in McFarland took the ball from from the quarterback took one step to the right immediately cut back to the left Michigan the is doing a good job of front of maintaining the the the contact with those office of one but they need to be able to shut the blocks a little bit better they get a stop on first no hidden in there again in the middle for Michigan back to throw Jackson pressure coming throws down the middle of Bilbo is inside the eleven yard line tell us on the stuff that makes the catch first down in Maryland all of a sudden is threatening on the Michigan eleven yard line then I was in there putting pressure on Josh Jackson just couldn't get there in time and this is the big plays that we talked about eliminating the defense divinely now comes in the ballgame for.

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