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You're five so you're basically creating trying to create something that that's that. That's the simplest way to describe. I will tell the ones the two times. I've had to wear high heels. Oh yeah see. I'll tell that story. So when i was living in tacoma washington they had a a for the national builders organization there they had a domestic violence campaign called walk mile in her shoes and all of us guys would go down and by women's shoes and we would wear women's shoes and walk downtown for a mile and that was our our our sponsored walk and it was walking mile in her shoes. So yes twice. I've had to wear women's shoes do that. Well that and you did a mile and yeah. That probably was very uncomfortable. Magin what it would have been like to spend all day in high heels. Yeah no thanks no. Thanks much more. Sensible or our hats are women. You put up with so much stuff that you shouldn't have to put up with for us. Guys likely high heels. Greif yes you do. And we don't complain see and that's awesome. So david what do you see you know with the future coming with all these new products all these new things out there. What do you is there anything. That's standing out that you see in the future with homes of where we're going that's different from where we've been. Well see that depends on how historic you wanna get on that. I just think that these connected houses these smart houses that skylight that you brought up is like such a great example of we'd now have such inexpensive little icy computers that can set us water carbon monoxide heat You and i were talking recently about building. Fires and the fire was that the firewall the fire rela system. That you were talking about a whole new system. That's coming out. That's not released yet..

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