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Need to run Photoshop Photoshop three megabytes. Garbage collection zero memory management. And, and it was and it was that way for years, and it was herald, sad. Mac bonds says what you and so you You and and I. I we're honest, and maybe we're less, I think, what you just said, was, we're not so interested in the psychology of the people as we are in the technology and the trend and what's happening. I was in scientific American. The real reason fans hate the last season of game of thrones. Zanu to fifty really interesting. It's really interesting. And it does kind of help you understand. I think. Yeah. Is where to look when you're looking at what's going on? Berg. Doing a lot of research lately. So I've been reminded of things that I've kinda shy. You'll just the way I deal with things psychologically to shut him out. You know, it's like it never happened. And so, like, having to kind of confront this stuff, again, has been very traumatic for me, but he's into he's in windows denial. I feel like you, you both are much more technical than I am. But I used windows as a normal person. And to me, I just assumed all operating systems. We're just right in, like insufferable and horrible. And you just have to figure out how to use it. That was how I looked at it. True. By the way. Yeah, but, but technical, and you look at the underpins there is one true operating system, and that's gonna say, no, that's okay. OS ten is Unix Android is Unix. Lennox is Unix. It's the operating systems that embrace that style. I think that are, are, are going to survive, frankly, and Wendy was created literally to destroy Unix. Yeah. Literally. Before I became a reporter I was a Unix reporter, that was my whole job. I covered Unix that was my that was my path. And the reason they made me the Microsoft reporter was when Mt came out, they said, oh, Unix and NT, they're kind of the same thing, so you can now be the Microsoft reporter. Right. Same thing as far as well. But as far as the P C goes, N T, did beat Unix. I mean it didn't beat it out of existence, which is maybe it's greatest failure because that's what Microsoft did previously to all of its competitors. And by the time the server world started happening that didn't they didn't defeat Unix area there. And of course, with the phone, I guess you could make that argument that, you know. See, that's that's Lennox. And I don't think at one because of its it's hard to test it did. And I can make a case for it. But I know it's not worth the energy, but what you could say is at least Lennox was strong enough to survive embrace, and devour engulf and destroy or whatever that Microsoft strategies to be. Actually. Actually Lennox is an interesting example, because Lennox is an example of something like in the nineties when it came went when started coming up of very Microsoft like thing. But open. Right. But kind of scrappy and small and undercutting the dominant player in that kind of stuff..

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