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Among adolescents with type one diabetes rapid increases in albumin excretion during puberty preseed the development of micro albumen urea and macro albany area longterm risk factors for renal and cardiovascular disease the study evaluated the effects of ngo tents in converting enzyme ace inhibitors and statins in four thousand four hundred seven adolescent patients with high albumen to creatine ratios the primary outcome of the change in albumin excretion was not affected by ason hitter therapy statin therapy or the combination of the two the use of an ace inhibitor was associated with a lower incidence of micro albumen urea than the use of placebo in the context of negative findings for the primary outcome and statistical analysis plan this lower incidence was not considered significant statin use resulted in significant reductions in total low density lipoprotein annan highdensity lippo protein cholesterol levels in triglycerides levels and in the ratio of apolipoprotein b two apolipoprotein a one whereas neither drug head significant effects on karate kid intimate media thickness other cardiovascular markers the glimmer euler filtration rate war progression of retinopathy overall adherence to the drug regimen was 75 percent and serious adverse events were similar across the groups the use of an ace inhibitor and a staten did not change the albumen to create mean ratio over time effects of space flight on astronaut brain structure as indicated on mri by donald roberts from the medical university of south carolina charleston using mri these investigators compared images of 18 astronauts brains before and after missions of long duration involving stays on the international space station and of 16 astronauts brains before and after missions of short duration involving participation in the space shuttle program.

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