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Nikko krause has been held by the new york times as one of america's most important novelist she's the oath of international bestseller's great house which was a finalists for the national book award and the orange prize and the history of laws which won this sariin prize for international literature and france's preda miller lever at trump tower and was shortlisted for the orange midday cheese and feminine prizes her first novel man walks into a rib was a finalist for the los angeles times booked a year in 2007 she was selected as one of ground his best young american novelists and in 2010 she was chosen by the new yorker for their twenty on to forty list fiction has been published in the new yorker harper's esquire and best american short stories and our books have been translated into more than thirty five languages and because latest novel which was acquired today's forest doggedly coworkers rental atoms kinky fan how would you describe forest up well depends whether you want me to describe the narrative or whether you want me to describe the beginning had came to me or when i could give about any of the heavier well it's a book that has a parallel structure so two narratives two characters whose lives are following a kind of search and that search traces the same physical ground goes over the same jogger fee from new york to the tally hilton hotel and finally out the desert and israel and at the same time the stores are really crossing in recrossing similar metaphysical ground it's release an quite an existence research that they're on and yet the stories barely physically touch and yet as we follow them one being jul's epstein lease a sixty eight yearold lawyer am who in the wake of his parents death in his very late divorce am after more than thirty years of marriage decides that he perhaps as neglected some asked.

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