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And I think also just young people in general and sort of more liberal minded people with more social social values and things like that tend to be my guess is they tend to be more Nike Nike customers and the last thing you and I just wanted to mention a Nike wasn't the only company to do something. The other was reebok and I thought they came out with just a fabulous line. They did a similar ad to Nike. I'll read it. It's shorter, but it says without the black community. Reebok would not exist America would not exist. We are not asking you buy. Our shoes were asking you to walk in someone else's? Not. That was an excellent excellent brand message. I thought that was actually more powerful than Nike's and. I think they were able to address the business issue in their statement. We're not asking you to buy our shoes and I think I think that also is is a good thing to do. I I don't think it's easy to work in a line like that, but it does address that one concern one of those concerns that I that I raised earlier. Yeah, I think it's also it's. It's bold I think I would. We talked about that very very fine line of getting the tone right, but you also have to keep in mind. We're dealing with a pretty sophisticated audience now in terms of one that subjected to constant bombardment of advertising in every way, shape and form online now. and Have become pretty well attuned to recognizing when somebody's just trying to sell them something versus trying to convey. A message that is that is compelling and engaging, and for that reason I think you do have to be bold in your particular sentiment. You can't say oh well, you know we'd like to go out one hundred percent on a limb here, but you know we've got to think about. Are we going to get flak? is they're going to be blowback solicits do it halfway. You can't do it halfway and to your point. I think that and I hadn't heard that that. Reebok that slogan or the or seeing the AD. but yeah I mean that that goes out on a limb that goes out on a limb. it. It is bold in its assertion of this isn't about our shoes out something much bigger than that and I think that's the kind of messaging that still resonates with people. Instill demonstrates that advertising. Can still play can still play. A role can still be compelling when utilized properly for sure, and you know, my advice still would be not to wait into these issues most of the time, and that's only because most most executives are very risk averse, and that's unfortunate because I think you look at Nike. You'll reebok you look at what they're doing..

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