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More broadcast center in spring garden clear skies going to 23 overnight while with a high of forty one may not son chance of a shower and a high of john chapter criminal kgb fiction against three people for bucks county in 2014 attack o'neill a couple of consider city there has been a settlement in a civil lawsuit brought by the victim's kyw steve tower reports the playoffs andrew heart and zachary saudis specified damages following the criminal trial to compensate them for the ordeal the chaos go to trial in december name philadelphia's judge has marked the case as subtle both sides have signed on to a confidentiality near fourteen while the two men were walking at 16th of chancellor streets they were confronted by a group of fifteen people who began hurling insults before punches were gene philip williams admitted their roles and more sedatives to probation play arrangements wbc through not gene to trial prosecutors labeled it a hate crime and they pointed to prior anti gay tweets posted by now at winter motivation that night a jury found her guilty and she served five neave nato kyw news radio hollywood isn't the only california sagged embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal there are an average of three sexual misconduct investigations a year uh in the state legislature directors released by the california senate and oddly thirty sexual misconduct allegations have been carried out in the past decade for some is that just enough to have been released and have been released by the group we said enough that uh any no way for taxpayers who shelled out eight hundred fifty thousand dollars its happened.

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