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I give the memes the feds positive annual performance review. All right, next one, we got rave elevator. I give the memes 15 sats from my KYC wallets. We got two more scores, no pool, pood in the cereal. I give the memes a Caroline take, oh God. I think that's the last one, so what about the exte most, my somey Bitcoin merch will arrive? Shout out to you guys. Shout out to you guys. We ran out of time. All right, also guys, make sure to join simply Bitcoin telegram group. It's a party and they were almost at 700 people, 70 WW T me slash simply Bitcoin TV. Also make sure to join simply Bitcoin's blog, WWW dot simply Bitcoin dot new shout out to our awesome writers, reinys, Paul Zach, rustin. Love you all. Eventually, write my first article. I heard everybody. We had a no, we got a software release, let's check out what release, yeah. Bitcoin software release. Brought to you by cipher safe. Don't be that person that loses their Bitcoin seed due to fire damage, water damage, dog attacks, back up your generational Bitcoin wealth on steel and there's no better place to do it than the cipher grid by cipher safe. And now check out their new Bitcoin art, the Bitcoin rulex triangle only on cipher safe dot IO. guys, for the last software review or release of the year, sorry. It is ride the lightning release version 0.13 .3. It's got some upgrades on their angular version of grade to 15 E Claire bug fixes fixing and breaking changes for eclair version 0.8 APIs reset bugs on the grid and real-time update bug for forwarding history. I dropped the actual GitHub in the description. This is just a Twitter post. But yeah, shout out to ride the lightning. If you guys are using BTC pay, you already probably updated your ride the lightning, but shouts out to the developers over at ride the lightning. Man, Nico. It's been an awesome year, man. It's been an awesome year, man. Thankful for a thankful for all you guys joining us, you know, channels grown tremendously and that's all thanks to you. We appreciate all the support, all the likes, all the engagement, the views, the subscribes, check out our audio platforms anchor, Spotify, Apple fountain, opti, you have the fountain oh, I forgot. I completely forgot. I'll do it when we come back. I'll make sure we come back. We'll come back. So the show guys is coming back. Correct. Dude, like today. I'm so tired. I'm glad that we get this week break man because I'm running on fumes. I know you are too opti. Guys, have an amazing end of the year. The show will be back January 3rd, that's a Tuesday. We'll be back in full force. We have so much new content for the new year. You guys are gonna be surprised. We got a lot of new members on simply Big Sur. A lot of stuff coming in hot. I'm sure you guys will enjoy it. We love you all.

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