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Again. Shock, Whitaker. Good morning, by the way, Good picture of your your birthday picture. By the way. Yesterday was online picture of one with your name, and the other one is OK. That one was taken way back. And the big magnifying glass on the front. Have soldiers antiques. Now you put that magnifying glass on the block The sun for crying out loud thie, Right south on 95 is still being delayed. It looks like there's a broken down tractor trailer in the right center lane 95 coming down from the split at 8 95 between the Pulaski highway in Eastern Avenue to see the flashing lights. It looks like At the time. There was traffic getting by to the right. But I don't think they think so. Now think they blocked that off? So now looks like two lanes to the left. Getting by So the backup will be at the city County line and four traffic coming south and eventually to the Fort McHenry tunnel. Once you clear that you're OK at Eastern Avenue in O'Donnell Street and into the Fort McHenry tunnel, traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio 6 80 doubled. You see, we may finally be past summer. We may finally Last summer. Today is I only 72 degrees a bit brisk out there right now. The layer of 49 degrees Pikesville has 50 degrees in downtown Baltimore is 55 degrees on the morning. Five talk radio 6 80 wcbm, and now it is time I love this so much..

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