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It's how we treat people. I'm Rita Kessler. I've been a part of W T o p for about a decade now, and I think it's time to let you in on a little secret your calls tweets emails really help us get the big picture of what's going on on the area Roadways you often call to thank us for helping you to get where you're going. But really, we should be thanking you for wanting to be a part of what we do. That's the W T O p difference. Traffic on the eights 24 73 65 103.5 have him too. Well you t o p and tell you t o p e com Good morning, It's 5 28 traffic and weather on the H to the W. T O P Traffic Center and Jack Taylor. Right, Nick is we start things off this morning, Coming at a Frederick in Maryland to seventies, looking good South headed down toward the lane dividers Lauren's been talking about. We've got some rain and snow showers through the area so you may find some wet spots on the roadway again. Temperatures are low. Maybe not icing up. Just give yourself a little extra time. We know how things go in wet roadways in morning rush hours around these parts, we're in good shape otherwise between the bell weighs 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway got all three lanes moving westbound on the Bay Bridge. We earlier had reports of debris in the right lane. So just be careful. Hopefully, you've got a green arrow above looks like in our one camera. Now you're going to find we're in good shape is to make the trip out of southern Maryland. No troubles to 10 headed north on Branch Avenue even inbound on Route four. Obviously, all of our closures. Their main downtown are inbound bridges, the Roosevelt in the 14th Street bridge. Everybody will be diverted. The memorial bridge is blocked. But in both directions, the 11th Street Bridge, the Souza Bridge and Douglas Bridges remain open but are closed. For commercial vehicles. We always have access on the chain Bridge, the key Bridge and Whitney Young Bridge throughout now you will find you've got 14 metro stations closed this morning Train's not stopping at Farragut, North Judiciary Square Union Station archives, Pentagon, Arlington Cemetery, Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place again. Trains will just not stop at these stations. Inside the security perimeter. Mark Penn Line Candid and Brunswick Line trains all service suspended until tomorrow morning. Same with V R E. But they'll be back on Thursday morning, including Fredericksburg Line trains 303 07. Now you've got accident activity reported in Virginia South Bend on Route one near Glebe Road in Arlington. Leesburg. The crash on farm Market Road between Alysheba driving winning colors place you will find at this point now Sounds like your lanes are once again open. The accidents cleared traffics brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union Proud to serve members of the armed Forces, D O D veterans and their families are members are the mission. Learn more at Navy, federal dot orig Jack Taylor Deputy T OBY Traffic cold today for the inauguration. Here's Chuck Bell Morning Storm team for radar is showing some raindrops and some flurries of snow to get your Wednesday morning. Started shouldn't add up to any accumulations of snow, but nonetheless don't be surprised to see snow flakes.

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