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Being here Just a few minutes left in the show. I want to say a big thank you to a few people. You know, it's it's fun to banter on social media. I love it. I really do. I don't take it seriously. I stand my ground on my on my beliefs, and so do the other people. And it gets a little contentious. I mean, you know, we say things and make accusations and goof around. But I put a call out just because of the story about the people of ST Mary's Food Bank, and it's not a unique situation at ST Mary's, um that there's a big need this time of year. They're down thousands of turkeys for the needs. They're gonna have. Part of it is, you know, people are hurting right now, and part of it is they have a huge uptick in people that are in need. So what? I put the challenge out and I'm not doing anything formal. It's too hard to do something formal right now with covert 19, But we're going to bring somebody on next week from ST Mary's to talk about it and the reason why, and I told you I've got an affiliation a deep affiliation with ST Vincent de Paul. They work hand in hand with ST Mary's ST Mary's is a phenomenal place. Same attitude toward people that give they want to make sure they're good stewards of the donations that they get. I talked about circle the city, which works specifically with homeless people, and and medical needs down. It cast that campus for homeless people downtown. I've been moved to tears literally to tears. Seeing that people now in such a tough difficulty. Financial time are still giving. And it's like we feel blessed because we don't have as much as we thought. It was a little precarious, but thank God for what we do have and so people have been giving more. And so I just put it out there finding organization, Salvation Army ST Mary's ST Vincent de Paul Circle the city find an organization this time of year and do what you can. If you don't have a lot don't give a lot. But if you can give anything Please do and specifically a couple of people on social media that I've argued. We argue with we say not nice things to each other all in, you know the spirit of banter. It's nothing horrible, but we disagree. First ones to jump in and say I'm doing it and they did it. And so we matched up s. So it's 100 bucks for me, 100 bucks from him. Someone else sent me a text message and said, I'm doing it too. And so, um, it's nothing formal. It's not a formal movement. It's just a reminder to each other that you know we're pretty blessed that we live in a great country. We're watching this election. It's contentious and covert 19 and it gets contentious. But it's a time where we're able to put all of that aside for just a couple of minutes. It's It's kind of like when you're at a sporting event. That when they play the national anthem, I can stand next to a 40 Niners fan and in unison, pay tribute to our country, and then when it's over game on, we're back to the game, but we're still unified at the base at the core of who we are. We all live in the same town. We all live in the same valley. We all wanted to be the best it can be and think about how great it is for us to be in a position where we can help someone. It's the greatest feeling in the world to feel like you can help another human being. And for me, it's a blessing to be able to give If you've ever been in a position where you can't give or you've ever been in a position where you had to be the recipient of someone else's kindness, you thank God for those people when you're in need But when you're in the position to give, it feels so much better to realize I am in a blessed position where I can give to others. So I'm not telling you who to give to how much you to give. I'm asking you to think about it. And if you're in a position where you can give Find a way to do it. It was simple. For me. It was 30 seconds online to ST Mary's. I was, You know, I made $100 donation to pace for 700 meals, um, pretty remarkable on their website, so ST Vincent de Paul is another one that I can vouch for. That squeezes every penny out of every dollar you donate when they say that they feed, clothe house in hell they do. They are such a huge resource for medicine for dental work for clothing for off food to people in need all over the state of Arizona. They have been for years and years and years, and I got to tell you that it's that there's such a great resource, so whoever it is whatever organization you can, I hope you will. We're going to continue to debate. We're going to continue to disagree. This election in Arizona is not over yet. It's close. I mean, there's only what 22,000 votes I think left account. It's close to being over. And when it is it is, but until then, we're going to disagree. Covert 19 the pathway out We're going to disagree the next four years of a Biden administration. If it happens, we're going to Disagree like we did about the Trump administration. I'm not giving up because it's not over yet, And I still want to see if my guy can pull it out. I don't want there to be stunts. I don't want them to the illegalities. I don't want there. I wanted to be just over with in the fairest fashion when it is will all move forward, And I'm looking forward to the fight. And maybe maybe if we can kind of join hands, figuratively in something as simple as providing a Thanksgiving for a family who might not have it if we work together on that. Maybe we can drop the gloves a little bit. And maybe not. Fight is hard toward each other personally, as we do when we stand by ideals. I don't know. I just I do like the debate. I don't like the arguing in the fighting. I don't like the division. Maybe this is one pathway to we're not so divided. After all. Who knows? Maybe I'm too pie in the sky about the whole thing, But it really was. It was great today to just throw it out there and have people respond. It was moving, So thank you to those that did And hopefully you'll be able to find a way to jump in and help in the future. Um, before we get out the numbers today for covert 99 9% rate of infection or positive testing rate, which is good yesterday was 22% very scary to people thinking we were jumping back again to that super high level. Well, hopefully it's going to stay below 10%. Let's kind of lower this. As people are starting to learn to manage covert 19. I think more than anything else, management of the virus is going to be the pathway out, and I think that should be the next message. We start hearing from our leaders about managing covert 19. We heard from Dr Fauci saying. People aren't in favor of a shutdown. He thinks we can manage our way out of this. Especially with the vaccine right around the corner for.

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