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When i was a little boy you know or having to walk home park yeah the experiences that you have in life the things that inform you in the in the visions in the way that you see things in the way that you choose to interpret things are based on the experiences in your life so you know harper lee and her book to kill a mockingbird she says you never truly understand another person till you get inside their skin and move around in it so that's what we're doing is as a musician understand why beethoven wrote those notes with the how to interpret that song and that's what we're doing is actors is his climbing into the the the ideas in the thoughts of that writer and trying to figure out how to interpret that character and bring him to life i i want to ask about because i'm i'm a doer and i'm trying to learn how to be a beer and i'll explain what that means but i just started taking voice lessons because just because the the up that i do like i fuck up my voice a lot because i talk loudly and so i was trying to learn how to sing better and speak better and she said oh the doc in your throat diaphragm and your stomach yeah and you have to let the air pass through your throat and she said you're breath becomes the song which i thought was a really profound thing and i said yeah but it doesn't feel like doing anything and she says it's not supposed to and i think the same thing with acting performing disciplined we condition ourselves to it in order to be doing something that we have to feel like we are doing something as opposed to just being so what is the challenge like with acting what is overcoming that idea so it doesn't you know because you can tell when someone's like i'm acting up air versus when they're just being whatever part of the ganic role there were being the most important thing to learn in your life to be to exist you know the there are certain excuse me artists who who innately know that they at early age who they are what they're jenness with they're geniuses and enter comfortable with with who they are in most of us go through life uncomfortable and feeling inadequate and feeling that you know we look at other people's lives and think oh if i only looked like that if i only had that if i only behaved more like that person i'd be cool too and you know i think that you know you either are elvis presley or you're not elvis presley elvis presley was you comfortable with his sexuality and i could never play elvis presley because as i say you either are elvis presley you're you're not you can't play that kind of sets z. confident human being if you don't possess that confidence in that sense sensuality inside of you the the blue news singers say that you can't sing the blues unless you've lived the blues right you know that and i think that there's there's something to that but learning to be ah is is to be comfortable with who you are and not carrying about what i mean there's there's books books books and rows and rows and rows in the story self help books in the bookstores telling you how to be comfortable with who you are accepting who you are and ah it is a difficult thing to do but but the easiest thing about acting is looking your partner in the eye in telling the truth the truth of that character and be as truthful as you can that you don't have to be somebody else you've i have to have to be comfortable with who you are and then and then then you can put some gravy on it and you know the with the way you dress in the way that you speak week and and how you choose to interpret the role but you have to be truthful to who you are as a human being that's interesting because it makes me think that maybe just people who even don't wanna be actors maybe should take an acting class and then apply the techniques to themselves because when you're studying a character it's a little more one dimensional than and exploring your own life as you know the character in a film has a limited series of motivations and wants needs you can't understand what that is i guess and and then you can make choices and tell that truth to the other person like you said and so then i wonder if you'd be able to take that in your own life and go kay well if i was a character yeah what do i want yes you i want those things and what's truth you know and then move from that place i think it would be an interesting skill set to be able to apply to your life i agree with you yeah and what do you teach that to is your class like is it the same group of people do do a course or is it just like anyone who wants to show up on these days can show up for how how is it set up well i there so there's a lot of students from the new york film academy that they come adapt to audition for the class so that they call it i mean it always sounds pretentious to me but they call it a master class and so they have to audition and they bring in very good students but i if i'm in a restaurant and i meet a waiter and waitress and i think that they're interested in their actors i always i invite but dozen people to come to the lasts for free because i i don't think that you should profit from sharing information it's like an open source sort of this is what i learned and also in a way passing down from stella adler to all these different people that formed the unique molecule of matthew modine onto other people yeah but you know in yoga class is called a yoga it's called the practice because it's not something that you ever master and i believe that's true of acting it's his to practice it's something that you never mass after that that you're always well you should be always trying to learn and and continued to develop an and get gimmicky you know but i mean that's an actor that not a movie star you know just alone is genius at what what he does he does what he does well and he he has made movies that have made billions of dollars a result of a clint clint eastwood is a good example that i mean one of his most famous lines demand has to know his limitations clint eastwood knows his limitations as an actor as a performer and he he stays in that pocket you know it's like if you were a pitcher oh you through you know a slider and fastball you know you're not going to try to throw sinkers or throw something that you're not you're not good at throwing because you guys a hit your ball out of the park right so but i i've never re i you know i mean it would it's wonderful to be a movie star because as you can get projects greenland you know you can do your those projects that you're passionate about but i've always been really more interested in what filmmaking and storytelling doing theater the that that it's an opportunity for me to learn about who i am and what it is to be a citizen of the planet you know the extraordinary kind of opportunity to learn i've flown b seventeen of sailed in america's cup yacht i've worked with all these incredible act i mean actors and directors i've mentioned writers michael hair who wrote i think one of the best books about vietnam called dispatches became very good friend of mine brought the the the voice over in doc ellipse now the alan parker i mean all these extraordinary people these artists and stuff that you have you have the ability to due to work with and share ideas within and then the access that that gives you two other artists you know having a met david boy in david wanting to paint with me because oh my god i mean th th that it's he gives you entree to such a extraordinary group of people that that it's magical it's an amazing amazing profession to be a part of your but i think you're right about the movie star trek is limiting because i think at a certain point that becomes more about maintaining a level of commercial success rather than me because is a lot of big movie stars i'm like oh but they're such great character actors it'd be great if they allow themselves the ability to just disappear into a small film rather than having to try to make a blockbuster or to be a huge movie star knows tom cruise is a good example of that i mean the that tropic thunder or some of the phenomenal yeah meaty roles that he's done yeah i in the where you saw his chops a couple times where he got out of where his big movie star kind of comforts on the color of mining i thought he was fascinated yeah and and the movie he the jamie foxx where you know where he was a hitman jimmy fox's driving them around los angeles things killing people yeah i don't remember what i remember what that's called collateral yeah yeah because he why think so the tropic thunder character les grossman i think he's doing like a limited series on qube which is a new like shortfall and platform and it is it's like both people stepping outside their comfort zone trying new things but you have done so many different kinds of you mentioned all those directors but you've done so many different kinds of films as well and you know if you want if you want to kubrick film you've got that and then you know listen i'm a vision quest fan like die saw that movie at the right age was like just barely getting into i was a teenager at the time and so that's a different that's a totally different type of movie experience but one that to me he is just as meaningful as a cougville yeah you know it's it's an extraordinary it's a great movie it's not just a coming of age movie it's it's it's it's a wonderful movie i love you like vision quest i'm so glad to hear that i'm so glad to hear that when you did that was because streamers based on david ray play mike nichols directed on broadway and we won a best actor award at the venice film fest level so that that broke me that that that got me noticed and then herald becker director vision quests saw that movie and he said you know i think you're really terrific actor but can you do ten pushups because that was so skinny you know i was i was still in drama school smoking cigarettes thinking freaking gallons of coffee on the subway and people say where are you from i say oh i live on the upper west side no no but where are you from i said i live here yeah not where you word meditative here do you use the word yoga it seems to me that you might be someone who practices mindfulness and so it was that something that you always did that so mindfulness is extraordinary the most i you know i don't say it's in a in a you know because i'm trying to kiss the ass of ladies but the most powerful people that have influenced me in my life have been the women in my life for my my my grandmother zella the that that planted those date palm at china ranch in death valley near shoshoni her first child burned to death in smoke house it was playing with matches and burned to death and she couldn't understand why if there was a loving god it would kill the child so she was not happily married grandfathers so she burned the house down took her daughter and left and traveled across the united states joining every religion come on i read a book by a sit arthur by herman hess that kind of make made me think that's what.

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