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Could ring. Bright i hope either get appears five or b comes on pc. I'll get the play idea. They'll be obsolete for that to happen again. House mark a similar games on steen inaugural maybe not. Yeah a Who was of the sedation. Rory talked about riyadh's About return i out with game again but okay wall going psi. Tv team all your one thing. I want to ask you about this by the developers recently. Sepulvado nocco fix. Is the common person people had for. Those team was. The runs are so long like those no save point of. I'm gonna pick back up later now. You complete this ryan than you're going. That's that's alive. Time at the last end. The doubles came out of. They're not going to update what these fixes because they elect some players like it that way you zoom pregnancy box on the game having like a save feature now i it took me a little bit to to get used to it but now that i have a little bit is like a day said. Give it like four to six rounds. Now that i've gotten used to it. I completely agree with the fact that we don't need a save mode because it's not necessarily true that your runs they're gonna take you a couple of hours you can get from the very first room to the first boss in a few minutes if you wanted to. It's completely up to you. How fast you go. But the trade off is the faster you go through this game. The less upgrades you're gonna have. You're not gonna get any health. You're not going to get any good mods. You're not gonna get any of that stuff that you need to fight the boss. So i think it's totally okay to have a game where you just have to plan ahead of time. Hey if i'm gonna play this game. I need to set aside like an hour or two. If i have to go to the store and thirty minutes. This isn't the game to play and that's fine. That's how i feel about it. At least or i guess people's With other like as you can stop by your progress in picked up back. I mean this. Yeah no i mean there's progress that chances over all the major items transfer all the upgrades that allow you to access new areas. You know the hook shot Invulnerability certain Damaging items on the planet that transfers with you. The only things you're going to lose is what gonna using right now. What monster you have right now. That s it. It's it's not that big a deal I'm your game. That will probably not play ever. And this is this. Laura horrigan sims threes. There is some sports story. Because riady you got your of the zelda fans governor on probably was looking for this reason maker not remake of a steep Zelda skyward sword which is coming on july on switch now. is a big controls in. Let's i mean you looked at age. Eighty nine much outside the. I don't think it's the worst sixty bucks rally the way they're selling it. That's why i got an emulator. The play for pre. Even though i the the we controls on. Pc either bad. But i played through quite although i forgot about since i got a new gaming laptops and lying with the motion controls. You do not have the experience. I don't feel like that's the real thing. Okay well let me tell you this. Would you like to have a feature and scoured surly fast travel to different parts of the world. Like you you got to be at this temple. That i mean i. I didn't get very far than styles over. You travel the way over here. You wanna hear what across travel. This is mobile. Games actually expected you can do that in this. Hd eh remake or not Report there's a catch. It's exclusive to the skyward sword at bebo. You need to purchase a zelda skyward sword of nivo to access this bass travel feature with or styling sword as deport. Which if you know about amigos nintendo likes to sell them in stairs numbers as they do with a lot of banks and rapper. I saw you screw styled serve like the entirety. I was even gonna pay starts or not. I don't even want to play. I was laid. Yeah no i don't need bring it up his game. What stood us. I mean and rana back me up. If i'm wrong. It's been a couple of years since i played skyward. But i think maybe you're playing through I thought there was no fast travel in the original skyward sword correct. So you're not really losing anything by not getting the amigo. That is a weird feature to add. In because i know those animals are going to sell out already. Tell you they're going to sell out like immediately so for the people who don't get them. They miss out on a that was never originally. There is kind of weird kind of like a cast. Grab from nintendo. maybe. Yeah i don't know i mean you can't use those amigos and other games to get benefits so there's something there but yeah i mean the the interesting chase that they're doing that with hd Wind waker. I remember from watching other people. There's a big sale so it is a faster travel. Believe but i mean i fun sailing the seas and that one so if again like the flying is about half the game i feel like or leaves a third so i mean like the whole thing. But that's the selling point of that game people wanna skip that i mean people are mixed reaction or Of the i mean scoured slowdowns. The most pauperising zala gate. There are people who love and people hate game dope by skyward sword and complain about the sky system. Yeah i zero. This is the most boring game up of like all right well as a fast chelsea to the word amid the which is normal things local games allow you to it from one place in exa having awad all that distance.

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