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The amount of cast that they've spent all off season. I mean, they spent a ton of money. I'll off season, but then they are heavily out of whack if they've been spending money on. I think some questionable free agents and putting money in other places in leading maxim about the door two weeks ago, there was a wrote this trade piece suggesting that he could be someone that might be traded. If things to be and raiders fans came out of the woodwork. Understandably say, you're insane. This will never happen the night down. Raiders fans were so so they're the big losers ostrich head in this. I think the honeymoon's over for this it's already was over with the national media and Gruden and I think for fans now this is this is going to be on their radar. Goody name say yes, discount getting two first round picks. No, you have to give back a second. Another thirds going back. That is significant, but it says to me that like they're thinking about the future. Yeah, I tweeted about that. Like back in two thousand the jets got two first rounders for Keyshawn Johnson, and they turn that into real tell that made them a contender for about a decade. But raiders fans came back at me and Twitter said. Yeah, but you had Bill Parcells helping to make those picks. They don't trust what's going on in that. The last thing says, Gruden seems to have this old school mentality in a lot of ways and like sending a message by being the new boss and sending away your star player and saying, I'm the boss here. Maybe it's some sort of message. So the rest of the players that to me at three months old school and it seems that the boat is stopped is the is the boat. Is it over Anthony? Now over we've got a ways to go. So his photographer Antony or Anthony and he Anthony come on the Mike, right? Can you tell us something you rookie is one of those guys that knows everything and he's given us a lot of good information so far about London when we were outside taking photos and tell us a little bit about the history of the river tame. Mommy. Two minute version? No. So we all on the title of the tens which means the river Thames enters the North Sea from here and the gateway to Europe. Are we in danger, not yoga. We all basically on the east side of the London, which during the days when Great Britain was a big trading nation, this is where all the goods came from around the world to Europe and throw talking about Anthony is everything. And we've actually stopped Bowie the north Greenwich pay for the okay to which was the millennium dome, which for the. Turn of the century millennia. That's where the big celebration was and directly above us is the cable car see that which was specially built full tourists to come to the dime and have any of those ever slipped off the cable right into the water. That would be my concern riding on. This is great person where we things right there you go, Anthony, maybe we'll check in with you a little later in the show always wealth of information. One of many British Gas. We have surprising you guys for this show. We have some royals. Andy Murray, the Prince, Harry babies. He doesn't have the only okay, Hank all right. In other raiders news, what a crazy day for the raiders. So they trade one of their best players ever..

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