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Was this your tennis courts that's what it was the way i'm so i'm so white trash that immediately when i saw this who hasn't fought in an abandoned tennis court by ralph's right did you out of the corner out of the red kohner hi way over rock there this is john lewis i went four rounds the other day he's punch that harrington shifts what's happening fought your smitty harrington he literally taught with he was not i mean this this is that what if you think that heritage like if louis harrington sister and this is trying to fight i'm serious louis do i told you she's all two or love no you should let listen to podcasts then yeah hanjin by the way just got hit and he hates this already he's already he's already are we do good when lewis loves it every second of it this dog the molar throw a ball bully goes home and goes i hate bullying so harrington is realizing i have no idea how to throw a punch shit just right here what is my favorite part the this is only around one that's round four that i lose four rounds of bullying the other lose to be good that happens that happens so oh all it takes is sheraton one would clean good or fucking do it's very watching here to get little brother angry he was around one and then round two who's route to is that luke what do you mean who's ram to you know who was yes to tattoo did you fight becky becky's route three she was quiet because laid me out silence asan okay so he doesn't have all the rounds so which is this.

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