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In Maine who elbow he shaved but he was he basically had lived outside of society for Larry Nichols. I don't remember his name was as well. Terry Nichols I think. He was the guy that that bombed the Olympics got. It got it. No that we saw those Richard Jewell the grizzlies. Yeah the Grizz. He asked a great beard going. And I do think that he's GonNa keep it going until he throws a pass and training camp. I think he's just gonNA show up looking like the youngest member of Z. Z. Top and he's going to Ben Rothlisberger he's GonNa come back better than ever. I think next year it's going to be so frustrating for defenses to bring him down when he's like three hundred and ten pounds he's GonNa be so many. Those are going to be so many injuries when people come back to sports. Like if you don't say that don't say that back. He also started the video with High Ben. Rothlisberger here like who else would be doing that. Video from the steelers made account but he looks so ridiculous. That Y- maybe we actually did know has been rob spurred Ben Rothlisberger. Hit HIS FACE. In that video is just an embodiment of the me of when you accidentally open the camera facing your face. You and you're like no no I can't take this. Yes it's A. It's a great beard and I hope he continues to grow. But you're right. He is built for quarantine life. This is his this far. Like do the January February march ever since fell season ended like that's his typical workout. Routine is what everyone else is going through right now which is just kind of stay in your house eat chips watch a Lotta TV. And then maybe like mid July will get back outside for the first time I throw football by the way have guys I'm like I'm now a supporter facetime. The corentin will make people do weird things have always spoken out against facetime. I thought that it's ridiculous. People will just make you look at your own ugly face while you talk on the phone. It's ridiculous to do phone calls anymore but after seven or eight or nine however many days we've done this. I've been timing like friends and like hey it's actually nice to see your face. It's like nice to laugh and have human interaction. It's a weird world we're living my. You've changed Yet I know I agree. I've been crashing zoom meetings and just getting into sports arguments two strangers that that are foolish enough to like tweet out. There's zoom meeting. Id then they mutiny pretty quickly. Everyone becomes Tony Reality. When you've got someone Kinda Talk John Verse Lebron on Your Livestream. Should we do our? Who's back in the week and then gets billy football. What everyone is listening for? Stewart all right. Hey who's who's back of the week. Who'S BACK LOUIS C? Is instagram challenges. Oh yeah every. Single person has taken upon themselves. It's kind of. It's kind of the worse where it's like. I'm I'M STUCK IN MY HOUSE. I'm GonNa do something and so there's all these challenges whether they're push-up Challenges. Jumping Jack Challenges. You GotTa do do ten pushups and tags someone else and they gotta do it. Draw Care at drawn apple. I've just been tagged so John had no desire to do any of them and I know because you know people are only doing them. Because they're bored they KINDA JUST. Got Yours. I'm probably going to do that one. Yes work pressure but no because easy. So I'm doing the doing the count to five challenge. I tagged you as well. Pf t all you know. It's on instagram. I do count to five with your fingers and then to penguins already in it wrong. Got Panga in it. Ooh So it's Kinda going viral and changed. How would you fitness inside gues- grip strength? Everyone's group is going to be really good by the end of this. Anyways people kept on commenting about my knuckles. 'cause they're like bleeding? I just wash my hands so many times. I'm not going to have hands in a week. Less than people are going to shame you no matter what. If you put a video or a picture of yourself online they're gonNA find something to nitpick on it when von hang account to five. This might take a minute trying and yeah. They actually might do to choose. Noticed I noticed whenever you put a picture of your thumb on the Internet. There's no such thing as a good looking thumb online. Everyone stomach's fucked up. Yeah no I agree. There's it's rare to have a good looking thumb. Remember that guy we talked to. We should actually. I think we're actually going to start throwing in some Borstal Gold. A couple of old old ones but remember the guy we talked to who didn't have thumbs. He had extra fingers At the end of the interview. That was wild. That was crazy. These are the moments we gotta think of when we when we get really depressed like hey. There's nothing less than like remember that time. We talked to a guy who had no psalms and he didn't tell us until after we talked for an hour hand. Size is huge though. That probably adds another half inch onto your onto your hand wingspan. It's true. It's true Tell us we shook his hand right. Who Was it what what was his? Profession was the guy who created the game of thrones language. We shook his hand. We're like wait what's going on. He's like Oh. Yeah you got to mention was.

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