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This is such a niche thing. I would just not just send gambling taxation stuff to any old. Cpa they're not gonna know it's like as niches doing law like you're not gonna be facing criminal case and go to a real estate attorney defend you know what i mean so and all that stuff is good too you know it. Just it provides value to your audience. It may not be directly poker but like if you can put something out. There that gives them five k. Checking the bell. That's pretty impactful. Right right right. Probably customer for life. Probably have those guys for life. Yes most likely spree high the opposite question like when you think about pain in your career playing cards. What's the first memory that comes to mind. I you know. I never really had a meant. Well i mean there have been some long there have been some long runs in some long fielded turn it. He's usually tournament poker related to be honest. The okay so there's so much money at the end right. And i had been such large loser in tournaments over the course of my career up until last year when i finished fourth in the monster stack just goes to show you live tournament and that's including six tables before that at wwlp events. I think that that was my seven table. And i was probably stuck like a couple of hundred thousand over of course like fifteen years and also too. I had finished fifteenth in the first millionaire maker. And you know. I had that final table with alex. Jacob it's just like if you don't get in the top three or four there isn't just you know that's where all the money is right. So it's it's related to memories of plays. That i have made in the past that i would never necessarily do now. Like with two tables left in that two thousand seven event like i folded like tends to like a button open and a small blind shove because like i really wanted to get on tv final table and it's just so horrific when you look back and of course i would bus both people but there was something. There was a lot of in me making the table. tv at that time. And if i didn't have made the final tv. I might not even be in this career. Because i wouldn't i wouldn't have been hired by greenstein to do poker..

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